Win a shortwave portable via The Happy Station Show

ccradio-swpSWLing Post reader, Tom, writes:

The Happy Station Show from Tawain just started testing its show on 11880 for a time via WRMI facilities in Okeechobee FL, ex-WYFR

Broadcast schedule can be found here:

Also looks like they plan on giving away a shortwave radio [CCRadio SW Pocket] this week from their twitter account post at

Many thanks, Tom!

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7 thoughts on “Win a shortwave portable via The Happy Station Show

  1. Rajesh Chandwani

    Listening The Happy Station Show on 9335 KHz at 1330 hrs to 1331 hrs (UTC). Report SINPO 45444 Content Heard: Signature Tune. Beat of the Clock. Note: Not a good copy. Male voice heard. Heard only Happy Station Show announcement. Regards, Rajesh Chandwani, [email protected], India

  2. Rajesh Chandwani


    Thanks for test broadcast. I have noted the frequency details. Will monitor and share the report.

    Happy New Year – 2014.


    Rajesh Chandwani, VU2OEC

  3. KV Zichi

    Only once a week — Sundays 1330-1430. And only a ‘test’ to see how much response it gets. Give a listen and drop them an email or mail a letter to let them know you are listening so we can ‘convince’ these broadcasters that there IS an audience out there! ….

    1. Tom

      Next broadcast is on tomorrow Tom , on the 5th at 8:30 A.M. EST for you in Florida 🙂

      Schedule is from the site as follows –
      January 5th – 1330 to 1430UTC THIS PROGRAM WILL BE LIVE

      Frequency: 9335khz
      Power: 125kw
      Target: East and Southeast Asia

      Frequency: 11880khz
      Power: 100kw
      Target Area: North America (test only)

      I converted UTC time to EST since I am in the same time Zone. Came in great when they broadcast last week on the 29th of December.


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