Jonathan reminds us that history keeps repeating itself

1-RadioListening2Current events in the Ukraine and Crimea remind Jonathan Marks that history–especially as broadcast over the airwaves–repeats itself:

“History keeps repeating itself, both on the ground and on the radio. The theatre going on in Crimea and Ukraine at the moment remind me of other situations. But there is a difference. The programmes below [click here] were all made when the Russian’s had an external broadcasting service called Radio Moscow, later renamed as Voice of Russia. Just as Voice of America shouted at the Russia, so Voice of Russia shouted back.”

Continue reading Jonathan’s full article, complete with audio and video clips, on his blog Critical Distance.

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1 thought on “Jonathan reminds us that history keeps repeating itself

  1. TP Reitzel

    Does SWLing’s blog have it own governmental troll, LYNN KELLEY? I ask because it’s now a known fact that governments use social media to influence opinion. Personally, I think social media is overrated with its dialogue of disinformation. As a listener to radio, I don’t mind the unidirectional flow of information at all as long as a bibliography is provided and the information is edited concisely and clearly. A comprehensive bibliography is certainly possible with the advent of digital radio, i.e. Digital Radio Mondiale, on the shortwave bands. As I’ve stated previously, I’m dropping personal access to the InterNet for some of the aforementioned reasons and substituting the time with adequately researched content whether broadcasted or printed. I don’t like the wild, wild west flow of poorly sourced disinformation of social media where opinions are like a..holes …


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