Sackville Tribune-Post reports on dismantling of RCI site

Radio Canada International's Sackville, New Brunswick shortwave transmitter site. (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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(Source: Sackville Tribune-Post)

A piece of local history is slowly disappearing as crews dismantle the former Radio Canada International transmission towers on the marsh near Sackville, N.B.

The towers, erected prior to the Second World War, were declared obsolete in October 2012 after the CBC ended its shortwave service because of changing technology and the use of the Internet and satellite radio.

When no use was found for the facility the decision was made to have the towers dismantled.

“It’s really sad to see it coming down, there are so many great memories working there,” said former manager David Horyl, who spent more than 35 years working at the facility on the marsh. “It’s really going to change the look of thing over there. It’s quite a landmark.”

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One thought on “Sackville Tribune-Post reports on dismantling of RCI site


    I hope to be wrong but i strongly suspect this is the fate the bbg has had in mind for the sw site in greenville north carolina. The desire of the bbg to scrap the greenville site is well known and it being saved by congressman walter jones- r-nc and then named after edward r. Murrow was reported on in the now defunct magazine monitoring times some time ago. I suspect the so called poll on the relevancy of sw is simply a formality in a decision the bbg has already made to scrap the greenville sw site and get out of sw altogether. I hope to be proven wrong but time will reveal the truth


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