Grundig G2 sale, today only: $29.99 US shipped


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Ulis, who shares this excellent deal on the Grundig G2: $29.99 US shipped!

You must hurry, though, as the deal is only valid today, Friday, March 7, 2014. Click here to purchase.

Ulis mentioned that the G2 was his first purchase from the retailer (, but since he could pay with PayPal and the deal was first mentioned by CNET, he purchased with added confidence.

Note that the G2 is not a perfect radio–check out my review of its cousin the DE1129–but at $29.99, it’s a steal.

If you missed this deal, try searching for the Grundig G2.

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6 thoughts on “Grundig G2 sale, today only: $29.99 US shipped

  1. Neil Erickson

    Lowest this has ever been on Amazon: $56.70 (Dec 31, 2012).
    Used on Amazon currently 47.99 + shipping.

    This is definitely a great deal.

  2. Tom Stiles

    I got a notification of this deal early this morning and it sounded too good to be true. Further checking the dealer, I found lots of complaints about them. So, I decided to pass.

    Another Tom

    1. Thomas Post author

      Good to know, Tom. Like Ulis, I bought one via PayPal. My thinking is that PayPal will reimburse me if the seller flakes out. At least, they’ve done this in the past. Fingers crossed! I plan to give this radio away, so am not in a huge hurry for it to be shipped.



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