Tecsun PL-660 + Nevada EFW-2 = Winning Combo

Shortly after posting my Traveling Light, SWLing Right article yesterday, @LondonShortwave shared a video of the portable set up he uses for SWLing in London public parks:

Click here to view a video of his Tecsun PL-660/Nevada EFW-2 combo in action.

The antenna @LondonShortwave uses in the video is the Nevada EFW-2 (below). To keep the PL-660 from overloading he either sets the PL-660 sensitivity switch to “Normal” (rather than “DX”) or uses the Global AT-2000 coupler shown in the video.

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6 thoughts on “Tecsun PL-660 + Nevada EFW-2 = Winning Combo

  1. jon collins

    my radio tecsun pl-660 not an expert but recently put up 30 feet long sky wire antenna late at night across this park at the bottom of my garden( dont tell the parks dept!) no overload what so ever but of course there’s often no need for an external antenna on a pl-660 as the telescopic whip works great especially as i live in a ground floor apt in Birmingham uk

  2. Tom

    unun and a preselector for £80 + £30… You could take apart an old power supply for the torrid core and any old MFJ preselector would work.


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