SDR# now has AM synchronous detection


SWLing Post reader, London Shortwave writes with a remarkable story about the free SDR application, SDR#(or, “SDR sharp”). He writes:

“Two days ago, I emailed Youssef (SDR# developer lead) to ask if he would consider adding synchronous AM detection to his software at some point.

To my great surprise he e-mailed me back the same day and told me that it wouldn’t take him long to write the necessary code. A few hours later he sent me a preview copy of the software with the feature included (all I had to do was to swap one .dll file in the version I had installed at the time). The following day, he integrated it into the latest release!

With the new sync detector the software is rapidly becoming my favourite SDR application.

Here’s a demo video I made for Youssef (and everyone else!) to show how I’ve been getting on with it:

This is amazing–what’s especially impressive is that a first iteration of AM sync should be so well implemented.  I love the way you can use the IF shift to block out interference within a sideband, much like USB/LSB selectable sideband. There are paid and OEM SDR applications that can’t do this.

London Shortwave: you’ve convinced me to see if SDR# will drive any of my receivers. Many thanks!

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