Radio deals: Tecsun PL-380, Grundig Mini 400, G5 and Satellite 750

Grundig-Mini400-RadioGrundig Mini 400

Discount retailer, is selling the Grundig Mini 400 for $15.09 US shipped.

I have a Mini 400; it’s a handy radio, though not especially sensitive. The built-in speaker is rather shallow as the radio is very thin–you can’t expect great audio fidelity.

Still, $15.09 is an excellent deal for a small radio that can be tucked away in your car’s glove compartment for impromptu SWLing.

Grundig G5  is also selling a number of used Grundig G5’s via and via their website for $45.59 US shipped.

According to, these units are slightly used and may show some signs of wear. The Grundig G5 is a great, full featured radio that is no longer in production. The G5 is a sensitive and selective radio–certainly a great deal at $45.59. Note, however, that some G5’s have a rubberized coating that, over time, can feel sticky. We have a couple of posts that describe how to remove the sticky residue.

Grundig Satellite 750 is also selling a number of used Satellite 750’s for $170.19 via and their own site. The ‘750 is a larger footprint portable shortwave radio that has above average performance. I like the large controls and analog signal meter. Audio fidelity from the 750’s built-in speaker is also top-notch. The 750 is surprisingly light weight for its size.

Keep in mind that all of the radios above are used units; most likely open box items acquired. If you purchase one, test it thoroughly and contact Blinq if you notice any problems. SWLing Post reader, Eric (WD8RIF), purchased a used DX-402 from two weeks ago–turns out his unit was defective. Blinq gave Eric a hassell-free refund within a couple of days.

Tecsun PL-380

My Tecsun PL-380 and the small Eagle Creek pack that also holds my Zoom H1 recorder, earphones, audio cables, external antenna, spare batteries and Kindle.

My Tecsun PL-380 and the small Eagle Creek pack that also holds my Zoom H1 recorder, earphones, audio cables, external antenna, spare batteries and Kindle.

The price of the Tecsun PL-380 was recently lowered to $41.99 US (shipped) on Price includes a new unit with headphones, clip on antenna, and soft case.

As I’ve mentioned before, the PL-380 is one of my favorite compact travel radios. I’m very tempted to buy a spare one.

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10 thoughts on “Radio deals: Tecsun PL-380, Grundig Mini 400, G5 and Satellite 750

  1. Michael Black

    I have a Mini 300, bought at a garage sale for $2.00 (about half an hour after I got a Sony SW1 for ten dollars).

    I don’t find the Mini 300 great, especially since I have better. I don’t think it’s much better than my Hallicrafters S-120A from 1971. But, it’s intriguing from the gadget standpoint. A cheap IC adds not only a clock, but frequency readout, so you actually have an idea where you’re tuned. With that, they can break the bands into smaller segments, which means the tuning isn’t too horrible with thumb wheel tuning and no reduction drive. It has multiple bands, but only 200Khz or so each, so it is only limited to a few of the sw broadcast segment

    I’ve used it mostly for local am and fm, though in my pants pocket it tends to get mis-tuned by the knob being moved.

    The Source here in Canada (what used to be Radio Shack), was giving them away some years back if you bought another Eton/Grundig radio.

    Nowadays, there are better radios for not much more. I’m not sure how great this would be even for the casual listener who wanted to hear the strong stations. But the 300 does fit in a shirt pocket; I’m not sure the later model does.


  2. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

    Hello Thomas.
    I would like to know if you or one of the readers here have any experiance with the Satellit 750,
    As i have ordered it’s twin, the Tecsun S2000.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Moshe, I wish I had more experience. I have used a 750 on several occasions, totaling perhaps 6 hours on the air. I didn’t have the opportunity to do a comparison, but I was favorably impressed. The price has historically been a tad steep. At $170, I believe it’s a good deal. I bet the S2000 was less expensive.


      1. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

        Thank you Thomas.

        I have ordered the Tecsun S2000 from Anon-Co (new unit, of course) For 255$ + shipment (this radio is not available in stores here in Israel).
        I am still waiting for it (mail service here is very slow these days), but I hope it will outpreform my Sangean ATS909.
        Keep on the good work, I’m addicted to this blog!
        all the best,

        1. Thomas Post author

          I’m glad you enjoy the blog, Moshe.

          I’m pretty confident you’ll find that the S2000 will outperform your ATS-909. Please report when you get it!

          Happy Listening,

          1. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

            Indeed, i cannot wait to put may hands on this radio, and I will update about it’s preformance (comparedwith the Sangean) when it arrives.two other things:
            last week we stayed ta hotel in Tiberias, as the evening came, I sat at the balkony with the Sangean in my lap, and listened to Radio Japan broadcast from france (can’t remember the frequency), as they played “At The Court Of the Crimson King”.
            Evening, breez from the Sea Of Galille, and A shortwave radio, now, this is fun!
            The second thing: because of the war going on here, and the fact that we have to run for shelter every few minuts, Eurocom, local importer of Panasonic, reports A 350% to 400% increas in radio sells (one of the favorites is the Panasonic RF800U).
            This only shows that no matter how tecnology leaped forward, in troubled times, the basic instinct of man is to grab the good old radio as A reliable source of information.
            Hoping for good times to come for all of us.
            Best wishes,

  3. Tom Stiles

    Another great post. Do you have any more details about the Mini 400? I will search your archives.
    Also, I was able to nap one of those Radio Shack shortwave radios on your recent post from Blinq. Very fast shipping (received in two days).

    Another Tom

    1. Thomas Post author

      Hi, Tom,

      I don’t think I’ve done a proper review of the Mini 400 yet. It’s not a bad radio for the size/price, but no great shakes compared to the PL-380 and better.

      I, too, was impressed with Blinq shipping. I’ve now ordered three items from them and have had only good experiences.



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