Address for WSY70 New York VOLMET?


Perhaps you can help SWLing Post reader, John Cooper:

I have a mystery I am trying to solve.  Apparently there are 2 VOLMET stations with the same call sign of “New York Radio.” The address I am looking for is from WSY70- New York Radio. The address I was given is a different station that uses New York Radio as a station identifier,  and is located in Bohemia, NY.  It is a AIRINC Com Center station with the call sign KEA5.

WSY 70 is a New York FAA Flight Service Station.  I have searched all over to no avail for an address. The frequency is 6,604 kHz USB.

The station manager from the other NY radio KEA5 said the transmitter site was located in Barnaget, NJ; remember that the Bohemia, NY address is a different station, not WSY70.

Hopefully someone out there can be of assistance. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Please comment if you know an address for WSY70.

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4 thoughts on “Address for WSY70 New York VOLMET?

  1. Tina

    AutoPlane is now located at 150 Arrival Ave, Ronkonkoma, NY. We have been receiving letters from around the world addressed to NY Volmet and would like to forward them to the correct recipient. Please advise.

  2. Horst Mehrlich

    Ich bin erst in den Anfängen mit Volmet.
    Ich suche Adressen von Volmetstation. Gibt es da ein Handbuch?
    Ich möchte die Stationen anschreiben um eine QSL-Karte zu erhalten.

    Schöne Weihnacht

    Gruß Horst

    I’m still in its infancy with VOLMET.
    Seeking addresses of Volmetstation. Is there a manual?
    I want to write to the stations to get a QSL card.

    beautiful Christmas

    Greeting Horst


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