Can you identify this shortwave broadcasting site?

Today, I had the fortune of spending a great deal of time at this impressive shortwave broadcasting site. No doubt, many of you have heard it.  Can you guess the name of the station?


(Matt and Doug: you are excluded from this guessing game)

Stay tuned, of course:  more photos (and a full tour) to come…!

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11 thoughts on “Can you identify this shortwave broadcasting site?

  1. Thomas Post author

    Those who guessed WWVB were correct! I took this photo of the south antennas of WWVB, in Fort Collins, Colorado, as I left the broadcast site.

    Steve, I _wish_ I was in New Zealand to take that photo! It’s on my bucket list! 🙂 John, sadly I’m not even sure if RCI still has masts up for their curtain antennas these days. I hope to visit WBCQ some day in the future, too.

    Thanks for all of your guesses!

    As soon as I have a moment, I will post photos of the site–I took more than 300.



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