Will Voice of Russia return to shortwave October 2014?


SWLing Post reader, Stephen Cooper, writes:

Voice of Russia to return to shortwave October 1, 2014. A new schedule has been uploaded to HFCC from GFC for The Voice of Russia from 1st October including English to North America and Europe: http://hfcc.org/data/schedbyfmo.php?seas=A14&fmor=GFC

I thought, perhaps, these were schedules posted prior to VOR leaving the air, but Stephen notes that VOR has posted and made constant changes to their B14 schedules as well. Stephen follows schedules closely as he has a website and app devoted to shortwave radio schedules.

This does seem like a lot of effort if VOR has no intention of returning to the shortwaves.

Stephen also points to this article which mentions that Russia may be bringing back shortwave and a new body might be in charge of operations.

I suspect if VOR is returning to shortwave, it is in reaction to the recent changes at the Voice of America/Radio Liberty and the promise that HR4490 might increase a pro-US presence on the air.

In the end, we might not know until VOR actually resumes shortwave broadcasts.

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5 thoughts on “Will Voice of Russia return to shortwave October 2014?

  1. Heinrich

    I received an email from VOR which says there are no plans to return to shortwave. At least noone has informed the programme editors of such an intention. We will see on Oct 1st who is right.

  2. Keith Perron

    I kind of doubt it. When RNW left HF the HFCC had a list of frequencies. The same with RCI. With VOR I think it’s just a case that these frequencies were submitted well in advance. With China for example there are many frequencies on HFCC that they don’t even use.

  3. William Patalon III

    Hi Thomas: This is interesting. But I’m betting it’s not the increased pro-America presence on SW. It’s the lousy timing of having shut down just as the whole Ukraine-invasion mess and sanctions escalated. Russia needs to spin its message — hence the inclusion of North America in the schedule.

    I’ll be honest … I’ll tune in. I was a regular listener before it went off the air. I use lots of the material I’d glean from Radio Japan, BBC, VOR, RRI and VOV for the finance, investing and economic columns I write here at Money Morning.

    This will be interesting to watch.

    Yet another nice piece of work on your part. Really enjoy your blog and e-letter. Please keep up the superb work. The hobby … and the industry … is very, very fortunate to have you.

    William Patalon III
    Editorial Director/Executive Editor
    Money Morning/Private Briefing


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