All-Ireland GAA Final on shortwave

RTE--AllFootbalFinalAs I publish this post, I’m listening to the GAA All Ireland Football Final (Kerry v Donegal) on RTE 17495 kHz. If you’d like to hear the end of the match (hurry!–only a few minutes left), use the schedule below:

(Source: RTE)

Shortwave to Africa
In Africa, where many Irish people live and work, often in relative isolation with poor communications, RTÉ is providing special transmissions on shortwave radio.
Throw-in 1530 (Irish time)

Southern Africa
1300-1700 UTC, 100 kW, 7300 kHz

East Africa
1300-1600 UTC, 250 kW, 17820 kHz
1600-1700 UTC, 100 kW, 11750 kHz

West Africa
1300-1700 UTC, 300 kW, 17495 kHz

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