Hearing echoes on China Radio International


Bill Meara, producer of the popular SolderSmoke Podcast, recently recorded audio echoes on a couple of his home brew regenerative receivers.  Bill posted the following video, of his regen receiver tuned to China Radio International:

After Bill measured the echo delay at .133 seconds, he believes one possibility is that they originate from a propagation opening much like Lyle recorded on a 10 meter band opening last year (click here to listen to the audio and read the post).

A few days later, Bill recorded a similar echo effect while tuned to Brother Stair (Overcomer Ministries) on a different regenerative receiver. Click here to read the post and view the video.

The fact that Bill measured a .133 second delay (the amount of time it would take for a signal to circle the globe), makes me believe he’s hearing an echo similar to Lyle. But I must admit, I’m a bit amazed that a faint AM echo could penetrate blowtorch signals like CRI and Brother Stair’s relay generate State side.

Readers: What’s going on here? Is Bill catching rare propagation openings–or perhaps ducting in the Earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere–or is there another explanation?

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5 thoughts on “Hearing echoes on China Radio International

  1. Joé Leyder

    I agree. Both short and long paths are plausible. Can hear it now, Jan 8th 2024 at 1408 UTC with Radio Taiwan International.

  2. Dennis

    The audio file here is of a numbers station-same problem as what I found in the RAE article. Has this site somehow become corrupted tonight?

  3. Michael Fortner

    I’d have to say he’s hearing both the short path signal and the long path. Pretty good propagation conditions to hear it coming from both directions at once.


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