Tecsun PL-380: Displaying temperature in Fahrenheit


I have owned the Tecsun PL-380 for years now. When my buddy Mike (K8RAT) recently asked if the temperature display could be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit, I gave him a firm “no” as a response.

A few hours later, Mike wrote back:

“Just found out that the PL -380 will toggle between F and C temperature reading. Push and hold the “3” button with radio turned off. Cool!”

I just tried it and, as you can see, it works brilliantly. Thanks, Mike!

(Note to self: Start responding to this sort of inquiry with a softer “no” in the future!)

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5 thoughts on “Tecsun PL-380: Displaying temperature in Fahrenheit

  1. Mike

    Thank you for instructions on changing temperature setting from centigrade to Fahrenheit on the Tecsun PL 380.

  2. KJ4WNA - Max

    I can confirm what Joel said above. I have a 380 I’ve modified ber Gary DeBock’s instructions for ultralight MW DX and I discovered this while fiddling with the tuning steps. It just assumes that if you’ve got 10 khz steps, you’re in America. It’s good to know about pressing 3, though, since 10 khz steps are also used in countries where Celsius is used, like Canada and Mexico.

  3. KD9BFV - Joel

    It is interesting to note that the unit of measurement for temperature is tied to the MW (AM) tuning step. While the radio is off, holding the “3” button will switch between settings. The two options are 9kHz MW tuning step and Centigrade temperature or 10kHz MW tuning step and Fahrenheit temperature. This is true of the PL-380 and the PL-310. Just something to be aware of.



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