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Global24Many thanks to the Global 24 Radio team for notifying me that they’ve posted their initial programming. I posted the full list below, but you should also check the Global 24 website as they’re making frequent additions.

As a reminder: Global 24 Radio begins broadcasting tomorrow, October 31, 2014, beginning at 2300 UTC on 9,395 KHz.

(Source: Global 24 Radio)



Feature Story News  – Top of the Hour News
European News Network – Top of the Hour News, Breaking News, Weekly News Review
Global 24 Breaking News –  Top of the Hour News, Developing News, Live News Feeds
Focus Asia Pacific – Daily News from the Pacific

International Relays:

  • Radio France International
  • Channel Africa
  • Voice of Russia
  • World Radio Network


  • Jazz from the Left – 3 Hours of Weekly Jazz with Raoul van Hall
  • The Rock Pile – 2 Hours of Weekly Classical with Raoul van Hall
  • Jazz for the Asking – 1 Hour of Weekly Jazz with Keith Perron
  • Blues Radio International – 30 Minutes of Weekly Blues with Jesse Finkelstein
  • Song of India – 1 Hour of Weekly Music for the Indian Subcontinent
  • Global Music & Turkish Talent Box –  1 Hour Weekly of International “Trending”
  • Global Music
  • Classical Worldwide on Shortwave – 3 Hours of Weekly Classical Music with Jeffrey Bowman

Easy Listening:

  • The Rendez-Vous  – 3 Hours Weekly of Music, News & Information
  • The Happy Station Show –  1 Hour Weekly of Music & More with Keith Perron
  • Switzlerland in Sound  –  30 Minutes Weekly with Bob Zanotti
  • Old Time Radio Favorites – Comedy


  • Global 24 Present’s Shakespeare on Shortwave


  • The Kelly Alexander Show – 1 Hour Weekly of Current Events & Issues for Women
  • Peace Talks Radio – 1 Hour Weekly of Content from Peter Ingles (NPR)
  • Sons of Liberty – Daily Syndicated Broadcast with Bradlee Dean
  • The Stuph File – 1 Hour Weekly of Odd, Off-the-Wall fun stuff with Peter Anthony Holder


  • Exploration – 1 Hour Weekly with Dr. Michio Kaku


  • Global 24 Daily Mailbag – 30 Minutes Daily of Listener Comments, Feedback and
  • Reception Reports
  • This Week in Ham Radio – 30 Minutes Weekly of Ham Radio “On Air” Events
  • World of Radio – 30 Minutes Weekly of Radio News with Glenn Hauser
  • Survival Radio – 30 Minutes of Weekly of Radio Information for Preppers & Planners
  • Viva Miami – 30 Minutes Weekly of Listener Comments and More with Jeff White, GM of WRMI
  • Media Network Plus –  30 or 60 Minutes Weekly with Keith Perron

Survival, Homesteading & Off the Grid Living

(Announcements Pending)

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18 thoughts on “Global 24 Program List

  1. Tom

    Do you know when you will be publishing a regular schedule? I often have to fit my listening time in, and knowing what is on when, is a big help. Thanks!

  2. junius

    Thank you Thomas for keeping us apprised. I’m really looking forward to hearing Shakespeare on the shortwaves ahd taking a listen to the wide variety of other programming. Cold and rainy this A.M. the morning after Halloween, anotherwords it’s SW weather.

  3. Thomas Post author

    I’m hearing them SIO 555 in North Carolina. Great signal with a touch of shallow fading. Been recording 9395 since 2200 UTC and 160 kHz of pirate spectrum on a separate receiver. Just back from taking the kids for trick or treats. (They received lots of treats.)

      1. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

        Hi Thomas!
        As I am working now A night shift, I took the Sangean ATS909 with me. Lots of interference inside the control room, but outside very good signal with only the telescopic antenna.
        They have very good audio quality, I’m very impressed.
        I wish them good luck.
        Best Regards,

  4. Ian from England

    Global 24 being heard here in Eastern England around 0030 UTC November 1, a lot of fading, but nevertheless there. Probably just not ideal conditions, but hopefully will improve. Looking forward to hearing more of this station, the line-up is looking good!

  5. kasper petersen

    Welcome to Global24.
    As of now UTC01/11/14 00.26 Recieving is bad here in Denmak.
    Sm is 3,5-4 but lots of noice… Relly hope it gets better.. looking foward to hear this new Station.
    best 73

  6. TP Reitzel

    Due to a temporary relocation to fairly unfavorable conditions for receiving broadcasts, I’m currently, i.e. 2315Z, not copying any signal on 9395 kHz in Montana. I understand that another listener in Idaho isn’t receiving Global24’s broadcast either. After nightfall, the signal should improve in the western USA.

    1. TP Reitzel

      Although Global24’s broadcast can now be heard buried in the noise, it’s still unintelligible at 0240Z. Prior to 0240Z, only noise could be heard at my location.

  7. Eldee Stephens

    this is terrific! shakespeare over the air, tons of content, even a program on physics and cosmology — what could be better? i know i’ll certainly be tuning in on a regular basis.

    — eldee

  8. Andre Bagley

    I had a feeling Global24 would relay Voice Of Russia. After the excitement caused by the mere possibility of its return October 1st, Russia had to get Voice Of Russia on shortwave sometime.

  9. TP Reitzel

    Additionally, Global24 will need to spread time from each category over the 24 hour period so listeners in all parts of the world have access to a variety of programming. We definitely don’t need another clone of NPR, VOA, BBC, NBC, Fox, etc …

    1. John Figliozzi

      Isn’t there enough “liberty” programming on ALL the other U.S. private SW stations? One could argue that Global 24 is restoring at least some balance to a medium that is dominated by the “liberty” programming and hard right evangelical programming sectors. If there’s something new, a bit more thoughtful and accessible from those sectors, then by all means Global 24 should give it due consideration. But if the intent is just to repeat what’s already available on that score from WWCR, WBCQ, WWRB, etc., then Global 24 should think twice before moving in that already well-trod direction. Having said that, I like what I’m hearing so far!

  10. TP Reitzel

    With the inclusion of some liberty-oriented programming, the balance will be better. As a global outreach, Global24 is striving to provide something for every potential listener. So far, I think Global24 is on the right track. Apparently, so does Alinco, Kaito, Universal Radio, and some other corporate sponsors. Personally, I’d like to see a manufacturer of DRM transmitters step up and sponsor some of the cost of upgrading WRMI’s transmitters for DRM. WRMI and Global24 can certainly find a way to simulcast both digital and analog on the shortwave bands.


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