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Fans of “The Rockpile” and “Jazz from the Left” can now listen online

Raoul van Hall (Source: Ameristream Live)

Raoul van Hall (Source: Ameristream Live)

After Global 24 went off the air, several SWLing Post readers commented that they were going to miss hearing music programs like Jazz from the Left and The Rockpile.

Fortunately, Raoul van Hall, who hosts and produces both programs, noticed your comments . Yesterday, he commented with good news:

“For those of you who would still like to hear The Rockpile or Jazz from the Left, you can follow these links to hear both programs, whenever and wherever you’d like:



I’ve exchanged a few emails with several SW stations to maybe put RP or JFTL back on shortwave. Different time and frequency. We’ll see. I’d have to lease the airtime and hopefully get at least one sponsor and some listener contributions. I like the idea of broadcasting on shortwave. After all of these years on AM and FM.

I used to love listening to music on shortwave, when I was younger. When there was some music on SW. There’s something about hearing the music fade in and out on the signal that’s magical to me. I first fell in love with radio listening to shortwave.

Plus I like being able to play lots of music that’s not heard anywhere on US FM.

If I decide to do it, I’ll make sure it’s on a smoking signal and at the right times.

Naturally, I’d welcome any of your thoughts or suggestions.


I couldn’t agree with you more about the magic of hearing music over shortwave.

Raoul, keep in touch and I will post any updates you provide regarding potential shortwave broadcasts. Thanks for making your programs available via Ameristream Live.

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Shortwave Radio Recordings: Radio Poland

PolishRadioFor your listening pleasure: Radio Poland.

This recording was made on February 2, 2015 on 9395 kHz starting at 1800 UTC.  Although Radio Poland formally left the shortwaves in 2013, their service is now relayed by Global 24 Radio.

Click here to download the recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below.

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Global 24 special broadcast to Asia on December 7

global24-smallMany thanks to Keith Perron at PCJ Media for sharing the following info:

“On December 7, 2014 from 1500 to 1558 UTC [updated – 19 Nov 2014], PCJ Radio International will broadcast a special program produced by Global Radio 24 for listeners in Asia. The frequency will be 13,720 kHz.”

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Global 24: Update

9395kHzGlobal 24 just sent the following message (also posted on their website):

Dear Global 24 Listeners,

Thank you for a remarkable 12 hours.

Over 2,500 of you (confirmed unique) visited our website in just a few short hours last night and thousands more have visited the website since then.

A big thank you to the over 500 reception reports we have received so far.  More are coming in every minute and we are very grateful for all of them.  Please keep them coming.  We are very interested in reports from the US West Coast as we plan any possible configuration changes.  However, we still need reports from everywhere  – so please send them to qsls@global24radio.com or fill out the web form here.

We are also experiencing some technical difficulties with the internet.  We are currently having issues moving the massive amount of programs from our producers to our transmitter via FTP connections.  These slow internet connections are preventing us right now from getting new programs loaded for on-the-air broadcasts.  Bear with us as we get this working correctly this weekend.  In the near term, you may hear a few more program repeats that we had planned.

It should also be noted that these same bandwith challenges are preventing us from posting content on the website.   We will have this sorted shortly as fast as possible.

Again, thank you very much from all of us for your feedback, questions and comments.   We value your support tremendously.


The Global 24 Team

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