Introducing Shortwave’s Newest Broadcaster: Global 24 Radio


This is one of the most exciting developments I’ve seen in international broadcasting in ages: an around-the-clock, fixed-frequency, commercial shortwave radio broadcaster, transmitting via WRMI.

The new Global24 will begin broadcasting on Friday, October 31, 2014 at 7:00 PM EDT (2300 UTC November 1st) on 9395 kHz.

Below, you’ll find Global24’s first press release:


(Hollywood, FL) Oct. 21, 2014 – Global 24 Radio LLC announced today that its inaugural broadcast will go live at 7:00 p.m., Friday, Oct. 31 (0000 UTC November 1), with a line-up of new and well-known programs and around-the-clock English language programming.  The broadcast can be heard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 9395 kHz on WRMI broadcasting from Okeechobee, Florida.

“We’re very excited about launching Global 24 and the important contributions it will make to shortwave radio listening – as both a medium worth preserving and a vital part of the modern media mix for so many listeners around the world,” said Phil Workman, general manager of Global 24.   “Our broadcast will appeal to dedicated shortwave listeners (SWL) all over the world looking for breaking news, opinion and music.”

Global 24 aims to revitalize the shortwave medium by bringing general interest news and entertainment into sharper focus for listeners looking for high quality programming on a daily basis.  Regular listeners will be informed, entertained and engaged in an ever more complex world.

According to Jeff White, general manager of WRMI,  “Global 24 represents another step in the long overdue commercialization of shortwave radio.  We are excited to be working with them on their ambitious program to engage and entertain a global audience.”

Additional press releases in coming days will announce our broadcast schedule, our Listeners’ Club, contests, sponsors, our web store, staff and much more.  Follow us on Twitter at @Global24Radio or on Facebook at  Visit our website:  to join our email newsletter for the most current updates.

I’m in contact with Global24 and will continue to post updates as they become available.

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38 thoughts on “Introducing Shortwave’s Newest Broadcaster: Global 24 Radio

  1. Neil Gates

    Euro Radio is Europes brand new commercial shortwave station which will begin broadcasting on August 1st 2015. Visit our Facebook page for updates.

  2. Herb

    It’s a outstanding idea, but it’s rare to hear them here in TX as it’s right in the noise floor. I would like to know what states can hear it. Seems like they are missing their intended audience.

  3. Chris Jasper

    Nice signal here in Peabody.Ma. (near Boston Ma.) Listening to you on a Collins R-390. Thank you for your unique program style, Chris. NZ1AF.

  4. Jack

    I agree but expect, at some point, the station will go religious and begin asking for “seed” money.

    Hope I am wrong.

    1. Andre Bagley

      If they aired religious content, it would mean that every other means of funding themselves had failed. I think they are going to do their best to ensure that they won’t have to take Brother Stair or whatever’s money to keep themselves solvent.

      They have a plan for maintaining a loyal listeners club, which will help them to estimate the size of their audiences. If the regular audience is large enough, then they can get more organizations to sponsor them. They also have an online store and the option to purchase a premium “insiders” membership.

      I think Global24 has a very good plan on avoiding airing religious content.

  5. Jochen Illig ( DL1IMM)

    —i am glad to hear that the shortwave broadcast gets a revival and wish you the best for your start on Friday! In the future i will try to receive you and in the case i am successfull in doing so i will report about the received signal at my QTH it lyes in Barsinghausen near to Hannover in the northern part of Germany! Kind regard from Jochen!

  6. Mickey Shore

    I’d advertise but shortwave listeners are the biggest cheapskates and need someone to hold their hand through a process as simple as installing four AA batteries. it won’t succeed.

    BTW, I am not confusing swl’s with hams. Hams are not the cheapskates as people think. It’s the swl’s. And rude? Good luck with this!

    1. TP Reitzel

      Are you properly targeting the more diverse interests of shortwave listeners? Amateur radio enthusiasts tend to specialize in radio whereas shortwave listeners do not necessarily. I’m a shortwave listener who could easily receive a governmental license to transmit on the shortwave bands, but I chose to merely listen due to numerous other interests and a lack of time. Radio isn’t my life, but it is an important means of staying informed about our world. A major part of Global24’s financial hurdle with be assessing their audience’s diverse interests.

  7. Andre Bagley

    WRMI is an innovative and wonderful broadcaster that is doing great things for the shortwave. I was stoked when they announce they would be carrying Radio Ukraine International daily, and now North American listeners have that service to listen to on their dials. Reading their Global24’s website, I can tell they have a solid plan to make this 24 hour service a commercially viable operation. It’s interesting, because when I think about how shortwave could become more relevant to North American listeners, I think of what Global24 is attempting. If this works, shortwave have a fighting chance at lasting several more decades for us English listeners.

    Yeah, this is definitely the best news International Broadcasting has had in a long time.

    Who knows, maybe Radio External De Espana, Voice Of Russia, or some other international broadcaster that has pulled the plug may use this station to get back on the air. I will be anxious to hear more from Global24 about their programing.

  8. Erica Cole

    This sounds like a really cool and different idea. well worth a listen. I hope I’ll be able to hear it where I like in the UK

  9. TP Reitzel

    I also recommend that listeners register for Global24’s Membership Club or newsletter so Global24 can use the estimated size of their regular audience for soliciting sponsors.

    Good luck, Global24!

  10. Curt Schwarzwalder

    It will be interesting to see if Global 24 can sell enough sponsorships / advertising to make a profit. The programming will have to be compelling and well promoted. I applaud WRMI for believing in the medium enough to make the investment in the former Family Radio facilities. -Curt

  11. Timothy Johnson

    Yes!! This is great! I’ll be listening. This is a great boost for SW. “They” will learn that shortwave is important and regret being off air, especially with the internet monitoring and censorship going on.

    If it ain’t on the airwaves, It ain’t worth listening to!


  12. Ed McCorry

    Thomas, thanks for letting us know about this good news. It will be great to have something different to listen to during the day.

  13. Curt Schwarzwalder

    I’ll be listening with interest, but the press release says: “(Hollywood, FL)…its inaugural broadcast will go live at 7:00 p.m., Friday, Oct. 31 (0000 UTC November 1)…from Okeechobee, Florida.”
    Isn’t 0000 UTC actually 8:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4)? -Curt

  14. TP Reitzel

    I want digital shortwave, Jeff! Give us the content and give us a good, clear DRM link. We’ll see if Global24 can pass its muster.

  15. Matthew Williams

    Please no evangelical content… That’s pretty much all what I find on the shortwave bands these days – I really hope to hear some fresh content. Both my Grundigs are ready!

    1. joe

      Their website says that they will be transmitting to the Middle East evenings and overnight. This is welcome news for me in that I spend time in Lebanon.

      BBC out of Cyprus has cut back their hours, so I’m left with just that, the pleasant but questionable CRI, and scattered hours of VoA and DW at this point.

      1. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

        Hi Joe!
        I have also read this at their site, I understood that these are ideal times for reception, and not an On-Off times for their transmitters. Maby I got it wrong?
        I really hope for good reception, an looking forward to hear this, and other new broadcasters.
        I wish you al the best and excellent DXing.
        Best regards,

        1. joe

          Thanks, Moshe. What I got off of their website was that they are transmitting evenings to overnight, which is good for most people I know, so long as BBC keeps operating in the morning.

          Frankly, my plan B was to try to somehow get a Yes subscription (and keep it secret) if all of the available reasonable English language information sources dried up.

          IBA 3 which runs international English programming is really hard for me to pull in, and I’m not even sure they’re still transmitting on MW.

          I think the broadcasters are forgetting the real value of shortwave – that it doesn’t need to worry about borders.

          1. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

            Hi Joe!
            As for Yes, you will need the converter box with the card. But now, all new converters are enabled online by technician with direct connection to Yes service center.
            As for IBA stations, I know them by other names, so I don’t know which one you meant.
            IBA 1 (“Reshet Alef”) moved to FM.
            IBA 2 (“Reshet bet”) is still on MW 657kHz.
            IBA 3 (“Reshet Gimel”) transmitting 531kHz only at weekends, otherwise to is “Moreshet” (religious).
            IBA 4 (“Reshet Daled”) Arabic, I think still on MW.
            I think you refer to “Reka” wich transmit on FM, I will Check for You later if it is still on MW.
            Best Regards,

        2. joe

          I think those are the broadcast times. I suspect it will be rough, and that they are transmitting with a directional antenna from Florida.

        3. Joe

          Moche – Thanks for the info below on 531 khz. I’ve had a little luck with that frequency at night, but infrequently. It’s almost like I have to wait for some sporadic E magic whatchamacallit in the atmosphere.

          I can’t call IL from LB, so that isn’t going to happen. Thanks for the tip anyway.

          I think I’ll just get a motorized 1,2 m dish and be one of those Free-To-Air cowboys…. it IS a little like DXing, I have to say. What I have found is that getting something out of a transponder with audio only often gets results not possible with video (outside of a satellite’s proper footprint.)

          I still prefer analog radio. It’s so much more civilized.

          1. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

            Hi Joe,
            I couldn’t agree with you more, I would prefer it analog.
            As I suspected, “Reka” (IBA International) has moved to FM, and the Internet and no longer available on MW.
            IBA has abandoned Shortwave long ago (not clever at all I believe).
            Best Regards and good DXing,

  16. Phil

    This is great. I’m really looking forward to tuning in. Conditions to WRMI can be variable here in Darwin but I’m hopeful of some worthwhile listening. Thanks for the post.


  17. Thomas

    Thanks for finding this. I plan on marking my calendar and tuning in and hope they do something spooky that night 🙂

    I hope conditions are great that night and thanks again for posting this news.


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