Fans of “The Rockpile” and “Jazz from the Left” can now listen online

Raoul van Hall (Source: Ameristream Live)

Raoul van Hall (Source: Ameristream Live)

After Global 24 went off the air, several SWLing Post readers commented that they were going to miss hearing music programs like Jazz from the Left and The Rockpile.

Fortunately, Raoul van Hall, who hosts and produces both programs, noticed your comments . Yesterday, he commented with good news:

“For those of you who would still like to hear The Rockpile or Jazz from the Left, you can follow these links to hear both programs, whenever and wherever you’d like:

I’ve exchanged a few emails with several SW stations to maybe put RP or JFTL back on shortwave. Different time and frequency. We’ll see. I’d have to lease the airtime and hopefully get at least one sponsor and some listener contributions. I like the idea of broadcasting on shortwave. After all of these years on AM and FM.

I used to love listening to music on shortwave, when I was younger. When there was some music on SW. There’s something about hearing the music fade in and out on the signal that’s magical to me. I first fell in love with radio listening to shortwave.

Plus I like being able to play lots of music that’s not heard anywhere on US FM.

If I decide to do it, I’ll make sure it’s on a smoking signal and at the right times.

Naturally, I’d welcome any of your thoughts or suggestions.


I couldn’t agree with you more about the magic of hearing music over shortwave.

Raoul, keep in touch and I will post any updates you provide regarding potential shortwave broadcasts. Thanks for making your programs available via Ameristream Live.

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9 thoughts on “Fans of “The Rockpile” and “Jazz from the Left” can now listen online

  1. Courtleigh Guerci

    I’m positive you have a huge number of fans because of your mellow presentation combined with the GREAT MUSIC that brings us back to a simpler time. I would live for Saturday’s on KMHD and your afternoon program… when you left it created a HUGE hole… I sought you out and when I found you on Global24 SW I listened (and re-listened) to the programs on file… NOW I found you again and it’s even better with more selection. Born & raised in Seattle, in the 60’s and 70’s I would frequent Pete’s Poop Deck (Stan Getz, among others) and and live for Saturday afternoon’s when I could go to Charlie Puzo’s Penthouse matinee performances and hear Bill Evans, Jimmy Smith, Miles Davis, John Coltrane…(once sat on the wall bench next to Oscar Peterson all afternoon) along with many others…it was heaven on earth! and those friends (girls or guys) who came along became BIG Jazz fans even to this day! THAT’s what your program brought back to me and I wish you the best wherever you end up broadcasting. If support is needed, let me know where to send the $$ and I’ll be pleased to help.

    1. Raoul

      Thank you very much Courtleigh!

      Comments like yours really makes my day!!

      If any of you would like to still hear Jazz from the Left, you can hear it anytime at your convenience at

      1. Mike In New Jersey

        SOOOOOO glad I am still able to hear your program, just wish it could still be on shortwave. Jazz on the left is awesome, I was actually able to get my 4 year old to love jazz listening to your program. Keep up the good work, lifelong listeners here.

        1. Raoul

          Thank you so much for that wonderful comment. I love it.

          THIS is whatvthose of us who work in radio live for. You made my day!

    2. Raoul

      Hi. Don’t know if you’re still out there listening, but Jazz from the Left is still being broadcast 3 times a week on WRMI. If you’d like to support this program and WRMI, you can contribute through PayPal. The PayPal address is: jazzfromtheleft at gmail dot com

  2. Enzo

    As an avid listener to KMHD and Jazz from the Left every Saturday, so sad when it just disappeared. The replacements are not even close, so as a former Portlander, I am now content to find you on Ameristream. KSDS here in San Diego could use you on Saturdays. Hope it all works out. Anything I can do to help?

    1. Raoul

      Hi Enzo,

      Thank you so much for that wonderful comment. Thanks for making the extra effort to find the program on Ameristream.

      Ironically, I’ve tried contacting Claudia, the program director at KSDS and she has never ever responded to any of my emails or voicemails. I really tried.

      The program is back on the radio starting this weekend on Portland Radio Project starting this Sunday morning. 99.1 and at PRP.FM. It will also always be available on Ameristream.

      Thanks again Enzo.


  3. Benjamin Bilyeu

    Sounds great on Ameristream! . If Jazz From the Left is broadcast on shortwave again one day, I would definitely tune in. Thanks and keep up the good work!


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