CountyComm GP5/SSB: videos and photos

Many thanks to Nick at CountyComm who recently sent me a short video he made of a prototype GP5/SSB in action:

Nick also shared a few close-ups of the GP5/SSB:


Additionally, many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Mike McShan, for sharing this video overview of the CountyComm GP5/SSB that Universal Radio recently posted:

Universal Radio hopes to ship the first batch of the CountyComm GP5/SSB by December 1, 2014.

I plan to do a review the GP5/SSB in early December as well.

Follow the tag CountyComm GP5-SSB for updates.

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5 thoughts on “CountyComm GP5/SSB: videos and photos

  1. Scott Gamble

    I can’t find a reason *not* to snag one of these, especially considering the price.

    Speaking of price, Universal Radio has them on their site at $79.95, but if you go to CountyComm’s web site it says they have them in stock and ready to ship (limit 5 per customer) for only $44.95.


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