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HourlyNewsscreen568x568Regarding the new 1 Radio News App for Android devices, SWLing Post reader, Erica comments:

“I too wish 1 Radio News were available for iPhone. The nearest thing I know of however is an app called Hourly News. It allows you to listen to latest news bulletins from various news outlets.

Most news sources included are American broadcasters, but it does have Deutsche Welle, RTHK and VOA. You can also add podcast feeds to expand what you can hear. I hope this is useful to you all.

Many thanks, Erica. I use an iPhone when I’m on the move, so I’ll give this app a try!

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One thought on “1 Radio News equivalent for iPhone

  1. Steven Clift

    Hourly News is great for on-demand headlines on the iPhone.

    It has more sources, including commercial, and you can sort them. It isn’t free, but at 99 cents they do a nice job.

    Hourly News does not have a collection of live news-oriented streams like 1RadioNews.com .


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