Bonito’s new shortwave products

This year at the Dayton Hamvention, I stopped by the Bonito booth in Hara arena. I noticed a number of new products Bonito has introduced specifically for the SWL/DXer market.

Bonito has kindly forwarded pages from their brochure (see below–click to enlarge), though all of the products can also be found on Bonito’s website and at Universal Radio.



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4 thoughts on “Bonito’s new shortwave products

  1. Scott Gamble

    The TuningWheel USB controller looked familiar to me, and that’s because it is a re-branded Griffin Powermate USB controller, like one I have used with my Mac for years. If anyone is interested, the Powermate USB is still available for around $35, versus the (exchange adjusted) $80 from Bonito.

  2. Bill Mead

    I was looking at youtube video of a digital decoder add-on for the 1102S….but it was in German and I can’t find anything else about it. Do you know if this is an available upgrade?


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