Tecsun PL-680 could be available in January 2015

(Image source: Nevada Radio)

(Image source: Nevada Radio)

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Steve, who writes:

Anna from Anon-co (eBay seller) sent me this little tidbit of info on the PL-680 […] I thought I would pass it along given your interest. At least we know it is a real product and could be available as early as next month.

[From Anna:]

“The PL-680 I believe may be available mid-January, but this is still an estimation. As far as I can say at this moment, I believe it is a model very similar to the PL-660, but with a different outlook (similar to PL-600). Whether there are any other changes like the speaker or performance wise I don’t know at the moment. We’ll have to wait for a little while still. I also don’t have a price indication yet, so this too takes some time still.”

I’ll buy the PL-680 as soon as it’s available and review it. It’ll be interesting to see how it compares–performance-wise–with its older siblings: the PL-660 and PL-880. My hunch is that it’s simply a cosmetic re-design of the PL-660, with a few tweaks perhaps. I find it so interesting that Tecsun borrowed from the design of the PL-600–a radio that’s been on the market for several years. In truth, I’ve always preferred the body design of the PL-600 over the PL-660.

We’ll post all updates with the tag: PL-680

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6 thoughts on “Tecsun PL-680 could be available in January 2015

  1. Roggo

    A new radio? Well that says that the Chinese feel the shortwave market still remains viable. You don’t invest in development of something is you can’t sell it. This radio seems to have the best of both the 660 and 600 works. Better ergonomics – the buttons on the 660 got a lot of criticism. And maybe VHF reception that really works!

    Seems a touch pricey of they’re going to sell it in the UK for 99GBP. That means about $150, so it will compete head on with the PL-880.

    Not sure why they need this radio in their line up.

  2. James Patterson

    Looks to me like its the 660 in the 600 case and layout.I hope they have ironed out the internal harmonic noises that have effected some off the assembly line.I tested three 660s befor I found one that didnt have the loud harmonics on all HF bands.It was strange because when ever I tuned to a HF frequency,after a few seconds the loud hissing sound would appear,then move on either climbing up or down,infact I could follow it up or down the frequencies.It was so loud,it would numb what ever I was listening to,infact alot worse on SSB.But I was lucky to acturly find the one I have now,there are no internal Birdie/hissing harmonic sounds.Someone wrote a review on a 660 and said the Telescopic antenna holding screw,had been so close to the circuit board,that it had cracked two back to back diodes,stopping SW receiption.He had to modify it.Well I inspected inside mine,and did not find any diodes near the antenna screw at all,infact the underside of the circuit board faces that screw,there is nothing at all that could touch that screw.So just maybe the factory at Tecsun made this change,I dont know.Anyway Im very pleased with the performance of my 660,and it charges up no problems at all.Air/UHF is very clear as well .I live a long way from our international Air Port here in Auckland NZ.


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