2 thoughts on “Eton Satellit in stock and shipping from Amazon

  1. Steve

    I ordered the radio and should have it tomorrow.

    The manual is now available on Eton’s website and after a very quick read the manual helped answer some of the questions I had about the difference between the G3 and the Satellit. It appears they are very similar with some slight key changes such as the volume keys on the G3 are replaced with Wide/Nar keys which are used to increase/decrease bandwidth frequency but there is no mention of how many bandwidth options there are. Hopefully there are more options other than just wide and narrow. The volume control is now a wheel on the side of the radio. Unfortunately the battery charging is the same as the G3/G5, you have to press the F7 key and select the charging time and based on the time estimates in the manual nothing has changed with how long it takes to charge the batteries. Hopefully there are some performance enhancements.


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