Reminder: Shortwave Shindig Rebroadcast tonight

David Goren hosts the annual Shortwave Shindig

David Goren hosts the annual Shortwave Shindig

As a reminder, the Shortwave Shindig will be rebroadcast today, March 7, 2015 from 10:00-11:00 PM EST (that’s Sunday from 0300-0400 UTC) via WRMI on 7,570 khz.

Shindig host, David Goren, has also informed me that he has had a chance to repair the program since it was off the air for 10 minutes during the original broadcast. He has also included a dedication to the memory of our friend, Martin Peck.

I plan to record this show, but would certainly appreciate other recordings as well to add to the archive. Again, for those of you who submitted off-air recordings of the original show, I will be posting them shortly after my travels.

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4 thoughts on “Reminder: Shortwave Shindig Rebroadcast tonight

  1. Robert Gulley

    Near perfect recording – solid with no fading. Recorded with Elad FDM-2 – just audio of 7570 MHz. Size Approx. 330 Megs.
    If there is a way I can put it on an FTP site for you will be happy to do so. Feel free to email me.

  2. chris

    Recording it as I type from Winnipeg, Manitoba with a s9+ signal.the radio is a winradio g313i and pixel pro1b loop antenna.

  3. chris

    I’m recording it right now from Winnipeg ,Manitoba. S9+signal into My winradio g313i andcpixel pro1b magnetic loop.I’ll send you the recording.


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