Cambridge 105 goes pirate for Good Friday

Cambridge-105(Source: Southgate ARC via Thomas Ally)

Cambridge 105 goes pirate – including on 6,070 kHz – for Good Friday

Community broadcast radio station Cambridge 105 is throwing away the modern technology and returning to the era of pirate radio for Good Friday.

Setting up turntables and cart machines on the Riverboat Georgina on the River Cam, we’ll be broadcasting from 10am to 10pm, covering everything from the early days of offshore radio in the 1960s to the end of the era in the early ’90s.

We’ve also teamed up with the DARC-run Channel 292 shortwave transmitter on 6070kHz for the day, so SWLs should be able to hear us there across much of Europe.

Dom M0BLF will be handling QSL cards for anyone who does hear us on HF.

Cambridge 105 is run entirely by volunteers, including a good number of licensed amateurs, both on the engineering and presentation side of the station.


Rob, M0VFC

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One thought on “Cambridge 105 goes pirate for Good Friday

  1. Harald DL1ABJ

    Radio Channel 292 on 6070 kHz AM is not DARC-Run. Radio DARC just hires some airtime for getting its program aired on 6070 kHz.


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