TX Factor Episode 8


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, David (G4EDR), who writes:

“I thought you and the many readers of your SWLingPost would be interested in the latest edition (8) of TX Factor a UK produced online TV programme.

It features two employees of the BBC who are also radio amateurs and shows them in their working environment as studio managers and continuity announcers on BBC radio.

Just navigate to http://www.txfilm.co.uk/txfactor/txfactor.shtml and select watch now for episode 8.

There are also items about Icom UK and Practical Wireless magazine.

Thanks for hosting your SWLingPost, I really enjoy it.”


Many thanks again, David! Another brilliant episode! At time of posting, the TX Factor site was down, but their YouTube channel, of course, is working fine. I’ve embedded the video below:

My buddy Eric (WD8RIF) also alerted me that this episode had been published. I love watching TX Factor–I’m so impressed with both their programming and production quality.

TX Factor Team: Keep up the good work!

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