Football games relayed on 12,356 kHz

Fullscreen capture 6162015 122135 AMMany thanks to David Goren, who has apprised me of a (utility?) broadcaster who relaying Spanish language football matches on 12,365 kHz in the upper sideband. According to a message on the DXLD Yahoo group, someone has been relaying games on this frequency with some consistency.

As I type this, I’m listening to Chile v Mexico, though it’s a very faint signal here in eastern North America. The Elad FDM-S2 is doing a good job of pulling the signal out of the static, though. I have no clue where this broadcast originates.

Please comment if you’re able to log this station where you live, or you have further details about the relay.

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3 thoughts on “Football games relayed on 12,356 kHz

  1. Frank Holden

    Interesting…. that is the same frequency as one used by the Australian VMC Charleville for voice weather ..

    I wonder if it is a Spanish broadcast aimed at their fishing fleets? Or maybe even a Chilean one as there are quite a number of Chilotes and Puerto Montt people in the deep sea fishing fleets ( see the recent movie ‘The Secret life of Walter Mitty’.)

    As an aside this may be of interest scroll down to Kyodo News Agency. They have sporting info in amongst their fax news output.

    Cheers, Frank

    1. Thomas Post author

      That’s exactly what I was thinking: someone relaying the games for their fishing fleets. I imagine this is being done without the consent of the network behind the games, which makes it feel much more like a pirate station.

      I must see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty–it’s been on my list for a while now! 🙂



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