LondonShortwave: “Scanning the skies”

Fullscreen capture 7302015 124403 PMMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, LondonShortwave, who shared (via Twitter) this video with recordings made with his portable SDR in a London park:

Brilliant recordings, LS, and amazingly QRM-free!

You can follow LondonShortwave on his blog and via Twitter.

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3 thoughts on “LondonShortwave: “Scanning the skies”

    1. Richard Langley

      Thanks. Will look into that antenna set-up myself as I have a Funcube SDR (and an Elad) besides my commercial portables and a JRC NRD-535, which I need to reactivate. And not that it matters, but which park were you in and did you get any strange looks or have a constable come up and say “Hello, hello, hello. What do we have ‘ere, then?” 😉 I walked through Hyde Park the week before last and spotted a few nice places where one could sit in the grass and DX.
      — Richard

  1. Richard Langley

    Very nice. As with my own backyard “DXpeditions”, reception on portable receivers is much improved far away from noise sources. What kind of antenna was used for these recordings?
    — Richard Langley


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