New firmware and software for the CommRadio CR-1a

CommRadio-SpectrumDisplayMany thanks to SWLing Post reader, Grzegorz Jasionek, who notes that CommRadio has just released a firmware update for the CommRadio CR-1a that includes a new Graphic User Interface (GUI) with a 3D spectrum display.

The CommRadio Dropbox site has an 18 minute video showing how to operate the GUI and the various features; CommRadio recommends you watch the video prior to using the GUI for the first time.

Click here to view Dropbox folder with CommRadio newsletter, video, update instructions and files.

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7 thoughts on “New firmware and software for the CommRadio CR-1a

  1. Gerald W Rousseau

    I can’t get the CR-1A to connect with my Windows 10 tower. The port is assigned at plug in but no connection to the receiver. Windows 7 at work works fine and the laptop works as well.???????


  2. Javier Cañada

    I found the software’s visualization rather limited, definitely not up to the quality of the device.

    Does anybody know if there are other SDR software clients that would process the CR-1a signal?

  3. stephen

    hi can anyone tell me i have connected my radio ok to the software but the spectrunm does not seem to work on the screen i can see the frequency port status connected and streaming ok but the visuliser does not work so as far as im aware i downloaded all the drivers fo it off dropbox the only thing im on windows 10 maybe thats the problem not sure any help please i have emailed commradio but as yet no reply!!!! cr-1a user

  4. Broadwing

    I have been using the GUI with my CR-1a now for a few days. I’m not a electronic guru so I’m still figuring out some of the settings. As far as function control for the radio, I can only control frequency directly. It would have been nice to have more controls incorporated such as filter selection, mode control, and possibly a wider spectrum control to see what is going on in the bands.

    It seems to be a good first start but does not reall integrate the radio as a true SDR program does such as on my Winradio or SDR-IQ. I am not overwhelmed by the program and as a basic user do not see any benefits except for frequency control. Like I said I am not a electronic guru.

  5. Broadwing

    That is a nice program that I personally have waited for since getting my CR-1a. I really like the ability to tune frequency using the mouse as I was getting tired of turning the dial and using the arrows. Seeing the noise floor and other spectrum data makes this a useful tool for me as an avid DXer. The only improvements I was also hoping for was to be able change filter settings, and mode while hooked up to the PC, and maybe a recording function. Maybe next time? Thank you CommRadio. It was worth the wait!

    1. Thomas Post author

      Let us know what you think about the added functionality! (I have the original CR-1, which doesn’t have IQ out via USB, so I can’t try the new GUI.) I’ve been very impressed with CommRadio so far. They don’t haphazardly release updates or products. Everything is well thought through and based on customer feedback.


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