6 thoughts on “Tom’s video reviews of the Sangean ATS-405

  1. Keith Perron

    Here is an interesting development. Got an email from the folks at Sangean and will be heading over tomorrow. They heard the review I did and want to address the issues I brought up and asked me to bring along a couple of Tecsun radios. LOL

    They admitted to me they didn’t do any testing of this receiver. Except for a couple of days. And I was right. The ATS405 was made up of a surplus of parts.

    They also admitted that coming out with the 405 was a reaction to the last two Tecsun radios that have come out. And they didn’t put enough time and effort into it.

    So will give you an update. The good thing is their head office is only 10 minutes away.

  2. ¾ Blind

    I played back the video at 1.5× normal speed with occasional sprints at 2× speed and got through them in about 60 minutes. ? Regarding the ATS-405, no SSB, no interest.

      1. Chris Sarno

        I remain quite disappointed in Sangean, this latest radio(ATS-405) does nothing to balm that disappointment. The 909X is literally just an updated for cosmetics ATS-909, its only redeeming feature being its outstanding build quality vs Tecsun’s ultra chincy cabinet which would splatter in dozens of cheap plastic pieces if dropped from the waist to linoleum or some such. This 405 is just utterly ridiculous, it offers zero interest to myself, and very likely same for the market in general. What Sangean needs to do, is introduce a revamped 909X that incorporates 4-5 bandwidths, synch, and substantially improved sensitivity to weak signals while maintaining its unique ability to operate with a serious outboard antenna in play!

        Do that Sangean and I will gladly kick in another $50-100.00!


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