Hot deal: Tecsun PL-380 $24.99 and free shipping

Fullscreen capture 8262015 21204 PMWhile browsing Amazon, I discovered a hot deal: a new Tecsun PL-380 for $24.99 including shipping.  I was very tempted to snatch this one up, but since I already have both a PL-380 and PL-310ET, I’d rather give the opportunity to someone else.

This is not being sold by Amazon directly, rather through one of their sellers. Simply follow this link, then search for for the “1 new from $24.99” to grab the bargain.

There may only be one of these available, so if you’re interested…go, go, go!

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18 thoughts on “Hot deal: Tecsun PL-380 $24.99 and free shipping

  1. Hossein.rf100

    Hi friends
    My name is hossein im from iran,GORGAN city,im radio lover and in some case yagi antenna maker … recently i bought tree different model of tecsun radios to more fun ! Before i saw very good rewive from other people but i want to tell you this radio is an cheap with low sensivity reception.and i gave to this kind radio,1-2 star ,noting more !

    This is my result from test tree tecsun radio prouduct in 2107 &2011(pl380 2017,2011/pl310et 2017)
    Fm reception of this radios is worse than my anderoid tablet radio app (lenovo tab2 7 anderoid 5)

    Even my audio cd player which have fm,sw,am radio (1990set)had better fm reception with stereo sound(stereo logo shinning even to low signal level on this set)
    I wont saying anything about image rejection,overload and other specifics of this radio because when you dosent have perfect sensivity so i think other this specifics is useless
    RADIOS Antenna didnt Effect TO EACH OTHER
    Signal power be stable whole test
    Place of each radio antenna be right same
    No noise source close radios,i tested radio in diffrent place like rooftop also
    …..and other
    I OBSERVED all this things for the perfect test
    Only i can say to you all,dont waste your mony on this type radios if you are really except an super fm reception and good portable radio this is not what you imagaine,this type radios is just better than a analog radio.
    Sorry because my bad English writing.
    Any qouestion my email address

  2. Robert AK3Q

    Got the Tecsun today and wow, what a deal for that price! Came with clip-on antenna, ear buds, English instruction manual, and a case. Radio is built solidly – quite a difference from the Basbon I got last week (whose battery cover refuses to stay on!)
    Love the temperature display when the radio is off.
    First tuning was to see if it could hear a pirate station on 6965 – Radio Free Whatever was on this evening at 9:25 PM local time. Even though it was being broadcast in USB, I still wanted to see if the built-in antenna would pick it up – it did, from inside the house no less. That’s a good start!
    Thanks again for the alert – I feel confident I am going to enjoy yet another portable!

  3. rcxb

    “Only 3 left in stock” right now. Going… going…!

    Another radio deal, if you don’t mind the writing in Chinese, you can get a Tecsun R-911 for just $15.80… A couple dollars cheaper than its already-cheap rebranded Kaito WRX911 namesake that everyone raves about:

  4. Alan

    Thanks…just nabbed it for my eight year-old who has just started a shortwave listening hobby with dad (who has a PL-880). First, he’ll be excited when a package comes with his name on it. Then once he sees what is in it… 🙂

  5. Gabby Johnson

    I don’t know anything about the retailer, but that’s a great price. I was happy after spending almost twice that a year ago.
    I play mine at least a hour a day and finally ran down the original batteries. I had left a note in the battery compartment and they lasted 11 months!
    I experimented by seeking low-signal MW stations with my RF-2200 and more often than not — with a little fiddling with bandwidths and orienting — the PL-380 came through with readable signals.

  6. Guy Atkins

    I snagged one also at the $24.99 price with free shipping. There must be more than one available! I had one before, but sold the PL-380 after modding it into an Ultralight radio monstrosity. Now I have a Skywave model in line to become the next Frankenradio victim :^)

    The new PL-380 will stay stock… for a while.

    1. Thomas Post author

      You’re right, Guy! It’s still listed as being available. Darn it! I don’t need the temptation!
      I’ll resist. I think… 🙂

    1. Thomas Post author

      Ah ha! You snagged it, Robert!

      If you haven’t learned it by now, Robert, I’m afraid the shortwave radio enthusiast community is simply one big group of enablers! 🙂


      1. Robert AK3Q

        So true, so true! We are also great rationalizers – “That’s not much more than the cost of a large pizza!” It’s amazing how many “pizzas” I have bought in this hobby!! :- )

    1. Hossein.rf100

      Honestly,i can tell you ,no
      Sw band and sound type is better than380
      Please read my rewive at botton of this page


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