Ayar notes LW and MW transmitters still active in France

AM-Dial-Digital-Grundig-Mediumwave-MWIn response to our previous post about France, Germany and Luxembourg leaving the AM broadcast bands, SWLing Post contributor Ayar (HB9EVW) comments:

It is indeed a sad day for AM broadcasting. Not only Germany, France and Luxembourg, also the Czech Republic will turn off 3 MW transmitters on January 5th 2016. The three transmitters carrying the CRo Plus program are: 639, 954 and 1332 kHz.

[In the Czech Republic, there] are 2 transmitters on 693 kHz, the bigger one in “Liblice” with 750 kW will be switched off, but the smaller one in “Ostrava-Svinov” with 30 kW will remain active for now, or at least until the FM coverage is good enough for this region.

In France (including Monaco), there will still be few active LW and MW stations:

162 KHz. Allouis (France Inter)
216 KHz. Roumoules (RMC)
1467 KHz. Roumoules (TWR)
1467 KHz. Col de la Madone (Radio Maria France)
1593 KHz. St Goueno (Bretagne 5)

I am already recording some of the transmitters from Germany and France. I can receive few of them here in Switzerland even during the day.

Many thanks, Ayar. I would love to share some of your recordings on the SRAA.

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3 thoughts on “Ayar notes LW and MW transmitters still active in France

  1. Al Morr

    Sad day, at 2300 UTC broadcasting stopped on 162khz Long Wave from France Inter. I had been listening to that station on and off on that frequency from way back in the mid-1960’s until just a few years ago when admittedly I started listening to France Inter on the Internet Europe 1 is still on Long Wave

  2. Tomas

    I’m still listening on France Info on 1377 KHz in central Sweden even though it’s 2016 in the Central European Time Zone.

  3. Mike Barraclough

    Karel Honzik, Czech Republic, Medium Wave Circle Yahoo group on the reported mediumwave closures:

    I think it is all a misinformation by Dr. Biener based on two articles published by Cesky Rozhlas (CRo). He already managed to send his info to various media. But none of these articles says that Czech Republic leaves MW. It says that CRo Plus (now 1500-2300) leaves MW for FM except Ostrava-Svinov 639. How was it in the past on MW?

    CRo2 (0300-2300)

    CRo2 (0300-1500), CRo Plus (1500-2300)

    So I suppose that now when CRo Plus leaves MW from Jan05, the schedule will be returned back.

    The only strange thing is, that on 639kHz there will be two programmes on one frequency with one very strong TX (Liblice) and one weak TX (Svinov). Acc. to CRo it is difficult to find a suitable FM frequency for Ostrava (a big town, now covered by Svinov on MW). Distance between the two TXs is 250km.


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