BBG Watch: Apology issued for digital media outages

BBG-LogoSome of you may have noticed that the Voice of America has been having problems with their online and internal digital content the past few days.

The BBG Watch–a watchdog for US government broadcasting–took a very critical look at the recent failures and connects them to a much bigger picture of dysfunction.

Click here to read the BBG Watch story.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor (and former VOA White House Correspondent) Dan Robinson, for the tip.

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2 thoughts on “BBG Watch: Apology issued for digital media outages

  1. Dan H

    Oh, well. It’s the silly season for most international media outlets. The second stringers are running the show during holiday breaks. I noticed last night that the BBC transmitter on Ascension for 7445 kHz at o500 UTC was several minutes late for sign on. I listen to that broadcast (aimed to Southern Africa) here in northern California every night.


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