George demonstrates the Tecsun PL-880 tuning bug


[19 January 2016: Please read this updated post.]

In response to Pawel’s post about a tuning bug affecting a recent batch of Tecsun PL-880s, SWLing Post contributor Georges (F6DFZ) comments:

I have posted a new video about this important bug of the PL-880.

I did so because it seems some people don’t understand this very important issue.

This video shows the Tecsun PL-880 tuning bug which is present on SSB when using the Fine Tuning knob.

The PL-880 is tuned to the Shannon Volmet on 5,505 MHz USB.

At the beginning, I use the coarse Tuning knob to shows the effect of tuning 1 kHz down ; the pitch of the voice increases as we are on USB.

Then, I tune down 1 kHz using the Fine Tuning knob, and now the pitch of the voice decreases, indicating the bug with the reverse tuning using the Fine Tuning knob on SSB.
At the end, I use the coarse Tuning knob to hear the voice with a normal pitch, and you can see that the displayed frequency is 5,503.01 MHz, a difference of nearly 2 kHz versus the true frequency.

Best regards, and a Happy New Year

Georges F6DFZ

Thank you, Georges. Since I have an early PL-880 model that doesn’t have this bug, your video and explanation does clarify the situation.

That is frustrating. Until this bug is fixed, I couldn’t recommend purchasing a new Tecsun PL-880. I hope someone can confirm when the bug is fixed and the production run is once again free of this tuning issue.

Many thanks to Pawel and Georges for bringing this to our attention.

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19 thoughts on “George demonstrates the Tecsun PL-880 tuning bug

  1. Tim

    I just received my Tecsun PL-880 firmware 8820 today, Aug 1, 2018 and it had a tuning bug, or it was badly adjusted – the frequency reads high by 2 KHz. To get WWV at 10 MHz I have to tune to 10002 KHz. I also tried Radio Havana at 11760 KHz and had to tune to 11762 KHz to get it exact. This was only on SW, AM BCB and FM appeared to be OK. Has anyone else noted a problem like this?

    1. Georges Ringotte

      Hi Tim,

      Did you check if the frequency display if correct when you are at zero beat on the known frequency of a broadcast station (for exemple Radio Havana) and using LSB or USB modes ?

      Georges F6DFZ

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  3. Tomas

    Hi all Dxmeny,
    the custom 880, production date 9/2015.
    Subsequently purchased by ANON.
    Everything works perfectly for the 880 and the company is competitive without ANON access to customers and in the pricing policy.
    With best regards Tomas CZ

  4. Pawel Kita SQ9ZAV

    Radio has reference to the dealer.
    I will replace him on the PL-365.
    I hope this is a good decision.
    Best regards – Pawel Kita

    1. Georges Ringotte F6DFZ

      Thanks for posting this video.
      What is the date on the sticker inside the battery compartment of your PL-880 ?

      Georges F6DFZ

      1. SA

        Can’t watch it right know because i sended radio back to Anon Co. As Anna say for fw adjustment. When i receive my radio back I post date and new video of fixed problem. Or not fixed 😉

        1. Georges Ringotte F6DFZ

          Thanks, mine is also in HK for firmware update.
          I do hope that it will solve the problem.
          Georges F6DFZ

      2. SA

        Received my radio back. Yes anon co fixed the bug. Anna is very king person and very helpful. Date of production of my radio is November 2015 (fw 8820 obviously ). Later will upload a new video on my chanel.

  5. Pawel Kita SQ9ZAV

    Hello Georges F6DFZ.

    In addition to my previous entry: I have a guaranteed exchange receiver PL-880 with another of similar price and capabilities.
    The company ErcomeR is very OK since agreed to such a solution.
    The final date is the end of January.

    Consider please: buy an item that you want to be great, but you are unlucky and hit a defect of the product, you feel slighted.
    At the beginning of the seller you are surprised that discovered the bug product, but later takes note and contact the manufacturer.
    The manufacturer has a problem with understanding the essence of a bug or just pretending he did not know what it is.

    And I get angry more and more because the receiver PL-880 that I bought is unused and packaged and nearly three months – could not be traces of use – it can not be damaged – is a condition of return.

    Best regards – Pawel Kita SQ9ZAV

  6. Pawel Kita

    You can tell that started on (thanks Thomas) publication “”.
    Thank you Georges F6DFZ neglected this subject as important and it continue.
    Slowly losing hope for a solution to the problem of a bug in the PL-880.
    A bug in version 8819 waiting for repair 3 months.
    First possibility: current bug in 8820 is unlikely to improve because the Chinese themselves poorly understand its real meaning and think to themselves “why the Europeans / Americans cling to such detail, yet receiver generally works”.
    Another possibility: problem with understanding the essence of the bug is make-believe and already know what it is, but a good brand PL-880 can not be broken and why you need to say “we do not know what you mean.”
    But I know perfectly well what I mean: I bought the receiver for a high amount in relation to their earnings and do not like me, that it has any bugs.
    Fortunately, I have an alternative possibility: wait until the end of January and will either bug solution, or when it when it does not have a guaranteed return of the defective receiver to the distributor.
    I’m disappointed TECSUN company.

  7. Alex

    TECSUN PL-880, IMHO, there is a bug in “FINETUNING” mode as follows: the frequency is changed at 1-kHz intervals, and “FINE TUNING ” in the “1-kHz intervals” occurs in the opposite direction that we chose, but it should be the same as in “TUNING” 🙂

  8. Georges Ringotte F6DFZ

    Hi SWLing guys,

    I received this morning a message from Anna from Anon-Co.
    She says discussions with Tecsun are not smooth.
    However, she is very kind and helpful, and the obvious solution is to change the firmware of the PL-880, with one free of this bug.
    As you may know, it necessitate to access to a plug inside the rig and to load the new firmware.
    She offered to do this free of charge and to reimburse the shipment to HK.
    My PL-880 is noted 11/2015 inside the battery compartment, so the problem certainly affect current production.

    As a provisory conclusion, the bug actually exists, the solution is to change the firmware, and this necessitate to send back the PL-880 to the distributors.
    Also, I confirm that Anna is a great person and it’s a pleasure to deal with her.

    Best regards.

    Georges F6DFZ

  9. Georges Ringotte F6DFZ

    I checked YouTube video of PL-880 tuning SSB, and could not found one with the same problem as mine.

    Georges F6DFZ

  10. Georges Ringotte F6DFZ


    I bought mine from Anon-Co and received it near the 10th of December 2015.
    I am not very optimistic about the action of Tecsun.
    Regards and happy new year.

    Georges F6DFZ

    1. Thomas Post author

      Hi, Robert,

      I believe this is only affecting the latest production run of PL-880’s. Those being sold since November 2015.



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