Contact info for Dandal Kura Radio?

Nigeria-Map2SWLing Post reader, Ian Cattermole, writes:

I am listening to Dandal Kura Radio here in NZ. Reception is very good now at 0645 UTC on 7,415 kHz. Would you happen to have an e-mail contact for this broadcaster? I would like to send them a reception report.

Any help appreciated. Many thanks and best wishes.

I checked online and my copy of the 2015 WRTH, but could find no contact info for Dandal Kura Radio. The Dandal Kura Radio website appears to be down at the moment. Ian, they do have a Facebook page, so you could attempt to contact them with a private message (assuming you have a Facebook account).

Here is an article about the station from The Globe and Mail.

Does anyone have an email address or postal address for Dandal Kura Radio? Please comment!

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9 thoughts on “Contact info for Dandal Kura Radio?

  1. Leo Guidolin

    I am the Program Director for the Burlington Amateur Radio Club. One of my responsibilities is to find speakers for our Round Table discussions. Are any of your contributing authors interested in presented a discussion about SWL via Zoom to our club?

    Leo VE3ZLG

    Our club has 180 members.

  2. Lars

    Here’s a different angle on a appropriate topic…with international attention of broadcasters drawn to providing information to our friends in Ukraine, does anyone know of any broadcaster that has tshirts that would support both Ukraine charities and include display of the station’s call sign? (I’d even say that a tower falling on Putin would be appropriate). Wishing our brothers under siege safety and relief.

  3. Willliam Blalock

    I’m lookin for parts for a RA-6217. I build displays for combat Vet pilots and have a “left bank” operator panel I’m building for a Vietnam vet. Can you help? Thanks so much,

  4. bukar mbaya burdu

    We in north/east are really enjoying the broadcasting services of dandal kura radio. moreover,my opinion here is that, i want dandal kura to forward my opinion to the federal govt. that the headquaters of(north/east) development commission,(NEDC) should be opened in the area. preferably in Biu,borno state.

  5. atiku

    need dandal kura reporter to visit malam matari ward in damaturu area gujba road to see surprising reports eye witness on (yan hijras who come from far place,since then single day no assistant from the govt pls I need your contact adress


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