Contact info for Dandal Kura Radio?

Nigeria-Map2SWLing Post reader, Ian Cattermole, writes:

I am listening to Dandal Kura Radio here in NZ. Reception is very good now at 0645 UTC on 7,415 kHz. Would you happen to have an e-mail contact for this broadcaster? I would like to send them a reception report.

Any help appreciated. Many thanks and best wishes.

I checked online and my copy of the 2015 WRTH, but could find no contact info for Dandal Kura Radio. The Dandal Kura Radio website appears to be down at the moment. Ian, they do have a Facebook page, so you could attempt to contact them with a private message (assuming you have a Facebook account).

Here is an article about the station from The Globe and Mail.

Does anyone have an email address or postal address for Dandal Kura Radio? Please comment!

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37 thoughts on “Contact info for Dandal Kura Radio?

  1. M Sharp


    I used to own a small Grungid s/w portable radio that I used camping. I liked it because the batteries lasted forever and it had a hand crank feature. It had a tuning knob that would allow fine tuning – not an analog. I used it to get weather and the baseballl game in an area where there was no radio reception.

    I don’t recall the model number as it broke some time ago.

    I think it’s likely out of production but can any one suggest a suitable replacement with the same features? There are so many options. I like things simple on my devices.

    Thank you

  2. Peter Hansen

    I have a disabled friend, who really enjoys listening to radio – actually he spends at least 6 hrs per day! We want to purchase him a good – solid – fairly easy to use shortwave , am/fm radio – he likes to listen in on aircraft communications, news ( world) , talk etc – we would also need to consider a decent antenna to increase his pleasure – the radio does not really need to be potable but does need to be fairly easy to use , he has some limitations – small dials , small buttons etc can create some issues
    What do you recommend for both a good , reliable , easy to use along with an antenna – we have up to $500 to spend for this project

  3. joncollins

    as an swl, happy new year to you all and let’s all hope it will be much better than last year’s, recently purchased a new “tecsun pl-660 and what an improvement especially on the mw-am band, ive nothing to do with tecsun or amazon etc but purchased it on amazon cheapest price 125 British pounds sterling sure pays to shop around, 73, Jon collins, qth,city of birmingham located in the middle of the uk ??

  4. bertrand challier

    Good morning.
    I just bough a brand new Tecsun PL880.
    Just after I bough the radio I read that it in fact came on the market about 9 years ago.
    So bough a new radio with old technology.
    What could I buy a radio with newer technology?
    50 years ago I used to be an AM in France.
    I just decided t buy a new toy.
    Thank you for your help.

  5. Bob


    From your latest newsletter posting:

    “Over the next few years, Regions 2 and 3 followed suit in making the following frequencies world-wide GECOA frequencies. Those frequencies are: 21.360 MHz, 18.160 MHz, 14.300 MHz, 7.240 MHz, 7.060 MHz, 3.985 MHz, and 3.750 MHz.”

    What is the mode, please ?


  6. James Careless

    Hi! My venerable Panasonic RF-2200 is no longer receiving anything on AM, FM or SW. There is power, because the dial light works. If I crank the volume to full, I can hear a very low audio hum, both on battery and AC.

    The set has been plugged into a power bar, but has been left disconnected from its external antenna.

    The other radios on the power bar have not showed any issues.

    There have been a lot of thunderstorms on the area, but no close lightning strikes.

    Does anyone repair RF-2200s anywhere? I have had this one for almost 40 years, and it has been my favorite set for all of this time.

  7. troy deshler

    I would like to mention that KVOH in Simi Valley has ceased operations as of 27 June 2023

    The past couple of weekends I noticed that I was not able to tune into the evening jazz programing, so I went to their website to listen to the stream, but it would not play and when you click on their web page schedule button , you are directed to their PRESS RELEASE.

  8. jon collins

    good day from Birmingham large city located in the middle of the UK and at 21:45 utc hearing radio nacional de amazonia brasil on 6180 kHz at local radio reception with a very clean freq on my tecsun pl-660 using it’s built in telescopic whip, sent them report sent me qsl via messaging in 5 days, most claim conditions on shortwave are down not with me, at 02:35 utc tuning around on the 20 mtr ham band in usb heard station at s8 calling cq from tehran followed by very very big pile ups!!! 73,

  9. Abby Abbott

    I’m doing a research project on Jay Smilkstein (Bozo) — looking for audio clips– can anyone help me out?

  10. Steve

    HI Grundig fans,

    I have a YB 400 PE.

    My Antenna has disconnected from both the plastic articulating interior slider and the thin metal flexible arm that mounts to the antenna based screw.

    The thin metal assembly that connects to the based of the radio circuit board for the signal reception is fine. It is broken just where is screws into the antenna.

    I can do a work-a-round to make it work, but would like to enquire with anyone who can direct me or has a replacement (or used parts but still good) to sell me.

    I am looking for replacement parts for both the plastic antenna slider and the thin metal assembly.

    Would anybody please send me photos of what you have or other suggested sources of supply?


  11. Ronald Hofmeister

    I am looking for a Sony AN-12 Shortwave Antenna. I will pay up to $200.00 for one in mint Condition. Does anyone have one for sale?

  12. James


    I cannot find the place (via captcha) to get the website’s/owner’s email address.

    If you can please contact me via this sub. I’d appreciate it and coffee will be bought.

    Many thanks

    1. Thomas Post author

      Hi, James. You can reach me at: t h o m a s @ s w l i n g . c o m
      I temporarily removed my email address only due to the high volume of email traffic I receive. It was more than I could keep up with! 🙂


  13. Al

    Hi Dan, I have a question for you. I am looking for an excellent AM radio receiver. I was putzing around Amazon looking at some cheaper ones, and under You might also be interested in these, it came up with a variety of Tecsun models, and sent me down the rabbit hole of SW capable multi hundred dollar units. I started reading the reviews, I came to realize that they used to be Grundig, a name of high quality that I was familiar with.

    To start out with, I want to say that money isn’t really an object at this price point of product – most were sub $400, though one gent mentioned in one review he had a plethora of these types of radios, up to a Yaesu FTdx-101MP HF/50MHz 200W Transceiver, which piqued my curosity so I googled it. Umm, no. $4900 is a Weee bit out of my proce range for this project. lol

    So, my goal is to get the best reciever I can, with I would presume a BNC connector for the antenna? I need to interface it into my computer, and have RadioLogger for the recording SW, and it being at least semi portable would be a bonus. Suggestions?

  14. baba booey

    Howdy. is there anyone left on shortwave that broadcasts with an inside voice? Seems every religious broadcast is hollering and shouting, every political broadcast same. Is there anything reasonable left on the air or is it all entropic extrema?

  15. Joé Leyder

    I wanted to send an email plus audiofile to [email protected] but received a message on non-delive4y saying that they do not accept emails from my country, Luxembourg.
    How can I get in touch with them?
    Is there anybody out there who would be willing to forward my email?

  16. Allan Vaisham

    I have been looking at XHDATA D 808 radios and am puzzled by the price which ranges from less than 100 dollars to over 300 dollars. The description of the radios seem to be the same. Can you tell me if the price indicates any difference in the radios?
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Evie

      Hi Allan , I am glad to answer your questions. There is only one version of D-808, and the product features are the same. It is possible that the management fees of each platform you are viewing are different, the profit of the merchants, logistics costs, etc. affect their selling prices

  17. George Gordon

    My first Receiver was a Hallicrafter SX 100
    One day while scanning the bands I heard Radio Moscow ask listeners to listen for Sputnik as it passed over their country. On the third day of listening I picked it up. As requested I sent a tape recording to Russia.

    About 2 months later The sent a letter thanking me and sent commemorative pin to me. I still have this pin.

  18. Leo Guidolin

    I am the Program Director for the Burlington Amateur Radio Club. One of my responsibilities is to find speakers for our Round Table discussions. Are any of your contributing authors interested in presented a discussion about SWL via Zoom to our club?

    Leo VE3ZLG

    Our club has 180 members.

  19. Lars

    Here’s a different angle on a appropriate topic…with international attention of broadcasters drawn to providing information to our friends in Ukraine, does anyone know of any broadcaster that has tshirts that would support both Ukraine charities and include display of the station’s call sign? (I’d even say that a tower falling on Putin would be appropriate). Wishing our brothers under siege safety and relief.

  20. Willliam Blalock

    I’m lookin for parts for a RA-6217. I build displays for combat Vet pilots and have a “left bank” operator panel I’m building for a Vietnam vet. Can you help? Thanks so much,

  21. bukar mbaya burdu

    We in north/east are really enjoying the broadcasting services of dandal kura radio. moreover,my opinion here is that, i want dandal kura to forward my opinion to the federal govt. that the headquaters of(north/east) development commission,(NEDC) should be opened in the area. preferably in Biu,borno state.

  22. atiku

    need dandal kura reporter to visit malam matari ward in damaturu area gujba road to see surprising reports eye witness on (yan hijras who come from far place,since then single day no assistant from the govt pls I need your contact adress


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