Video: How The Teleprinter Works (1940)


(Source: Stephen, G7VFY, via the Southgate ARC)

Produced by the GPO Film Unit. Models are used to demonstrate the working of a teleprinter. Shown is how the pressing of a key on the keyboard generates a five unit teleprinter code, is then transmitted as a serial code to the teleprinter line and finally is decoded to select the correct character on the type wheel of the printing mechanism of the receiving teleprinter.

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1 thought on “Video: How The Teleprinter Works (1940)

  1. Mark Piaskiewicz

    I’d never given it much (or any) thought, but I would have guessed that Morse code would have been used. It never occurred to me that an entirely new coding system would have been devised, along with seriously complex machinery (compared to a key), but I guess that it made it more widely accessible. I wonder what the transfer rate was. 🙂

    Fun information, thanks!


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