From the Isle of Music: a new music program on shortwave

Havana, Cuba (Photo: Wikimedia)

Havana, Cuba (Photo: Wikimedia)

Many thanks to Bill Tilford, Owner/Producer at Tilford Productions, who writes:

Beginning Monday, February 1, I will be hosting a weekly, hour-long music program, From the Isle of Music, dedicated to the music of Cuba, on WBCQ, 7.490 MHz, every Monday night from 8-9pm EST (currently 0100-0200 UTC).

I began listening to shortwave in childhood and now want to give something back to the medium.

This will be a cultural panorama of multiple genres from Classical to traditional music to Timba to Jazz to Funk, including a lot of things that people outside of Cuba might not know are played there. There will also be interviews. It will be partly in English, partly in Spanish. I hope to do this in the spirit of some of the best cultural programming of the golden years of shortwave.

There is a Facebook page, also titled From the Isle of Music, with more information.

Many thanks, Bill!  I will certainly tune in and look forward to your music selections and commentary. Please keep us informed if you have any updates!

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5 thoughts on “From the Isle of Music: a new music program on shortwave

  1. jeremy lansman

    It is very rare that I have listened to music in shortwave. With digital shortwave maybe it could be good enough, though I think SW could be a great way to advertise a parallel web or satellite stream.

  2. Rumen Pankov

    Observed on April 2nd 2017 on 9400 kHz in a village 100 km north from the transmitter.
    The SINPO was 35522, but the music sounded stronger than speech and not to understand.
    Identifications of the station were at 15.02 and at 15.32 h UTC.

    P.O.BOX 199
    SOFIA 1000


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