Special deal: Tecsun PL-360 for $33.99 plus shipping via Anon-Co

Tecsun-PL-360Many thanks to SWling Post contributor, Ron, who writes:


No, it’s not a GP5/SSB, but at less than half the cost it’s fine for general use.

Anna is first-rate to deal with, too.

Indeed she is, Ron! I’ve only has excellent experiences working with Anon-Co.

You can buy directly from Anon-Co’s website, or via eBay.

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7 thoughts on “Special deal: Tecsun PL-360 for $33.99 plus shipping via Anon-Co

  1. pjmm

    I have one of these little Tecsun PL360 and while I was playing with it I did found that if I pressed the SW band down button for a few second while the radio is off, then it appears in the upper right side of the display the letters PO (or P0) with two consecutive and opposed C symbols as if each letter segment where moving in very quickly sequence. Does anybody knows what is the meaning of this ‘secret key’ function?


    1. Babis

      replying a bit late but now i got my pl-360 … this will auto sort all manual stored memories (by you) in order from lower to higher freq … example if you press the VM button to go to a memory you have stored at 88 mhz at memory number 12 … will take it to number one … will order by low to high freq

  2. Pere

    I have one of these radios and it is very useful for shortwave listening thanks to its ETM mode. I’m a shortwave newbie and this has been its most important feature.

    However, the quality of the sound on FM is very bad. I wonder is my unit has a defect or this is a design problem.

  3. Cap

    I have also purchased many radios from Anon-co and highly recommend them….they normally get kit to the UK within 8 days.


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