1.8MHz 9th Order High Pass Filter Kit

hpf9-1m8a-500x500In reply to our post about a home brew high-pass filter, SWLing Post contributor Guy Atkins replied:

I recently purchased one of these high pass kits and an enclosure from an Australian company, and look forward to assembling it:  http://www.minikits.com.au/electronic-kits/filter-kits/hf-highpass-filters/HPF9-1M8

The price was just $14.95 USD at the current exchange rate, but I did pay extra for the matching enclosure.

It’s a 9th order Chebyshev filter at 1.8 MHz with less than 1 dB insertion loss from 1.8 to 100 MHz, and I expect it to work very well. Since it’s a kit with all parts and a PCB, it is half way between a “DIY from scratch” and a completely built commercial high pass filter.

Very cool, Guy! Looks like it’ll be a fun kit to build. Please let us know what you think of the filter once you have it assembled. $14.95 is a very fair price.

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