The Society of Broadcast Engineers urges FCC to Improve Mediumwave RFI

WHKY-AM-Radio-Tower(Source: ARRL via Eric McFadden, WD8RIF)

The Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) has told the FCC that the regulatory agency needs to take another tack in its efforts to tackle AM revitalization. If the FCC takes the SBE’s advice, the result could be less noise in the MF and HF Amateur Radio bands. In comments the SBE filed in response to an FCC Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Notice of Inquiry (MB 13-249) proposing ways to enhance the viability of the AM broadcast service, the SBE said the Commission must “commit to a regulatory plan which, over time, will reduce the levels of man-made noise in the MF bands, and more broadly in the bands below 30 MHz.” In comments it filed earlier in the proceeding, the SBE pointed out that “AM radio in particular is susceptible to interference from electronic devices of all types,” and that ambient noise on the AM band is only bound to get worse with further proliferation of noise-generating electronic devices, including certain lighting devices regulated under FCC Part 15 and Part 18 rules.[…]

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3 thoughts on “The Society of Broadcast Engineers urges FCC to Improve Mediumwave RFI

  1. Chris Wyatt

    I’ve had a Chinese power adapter fall apart in my hands before, while I was unplugging it from the mains socket, exposing me to 230 volts! (I live in the UK, by the way)

    It’s put me off buying cheap crap that’s for sure, and I’m not just China bashing because they do produce some high quality goods too.

    Unfortunately most consumers will happily go for the cheapest product they find and most will not be aware of the problems that these kinds of products can cause. I’m not surprised it’s become more of an issue in recent years.

  2. Edward

    The new energy efficient lighting CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) and LED lamps produce a lot of QRM. While it is in the near field this does not carry far , any lamp nearby will radiate. I have taken many a lamp apart and was surprised of how little effort and cost was put into them. I have done some filtering that quiets them down but the point is the manufacturers should be doing it. Also be aware what you buy on EBAY as far as lighting. A lot of this stuff is from China and has no regulatory markings on them (UL, FCC,etc) and is of dubious quality and safety. Maybe the Customs and commerce dept. should get involved as well as FCC.

  3. Robert

    I am glad to see this move by the SBE, even if it does not bring immediate results, it at least identifies one of the major problems with the FCC: a lack of understanding of the aggregate effect of all of the noise from various products. Well done, SBE!


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