A QS1R replacement in the works?


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ken McKenzie, who noticed the following message from Phil Covington (of Software Radio Laboratory LLC) on the QS1R Yahoo group:

I am working on a replacement for the QS1R that will be less expensive, yet
use updated components. I am hoping to have them in production by the end of March.


Philip A Covington
Software Radio Laboratory LLC
Columbus, Ohio

Ken noticed that the message was originally dated about one month ago, so I’ll follow-up with Phil and see how much progress has been made. The QS1R was a well-respected SDR that had been on the market for several years. It would be great to see an updated version on the market.

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4 thoughts on “A QS1R replacement in the works?

  1. Dan B

    I bought a QS1R years ago but gave it up a few years later due to having too many hobbies. I’m dying for another one (or similar) again. I especially loved the SDRMAX software.

    Where can I find a used radio or when will the new one be available? I’ll happily buy another Phil radio.

    1. Jim Spoerl

      Hello Dan,
      I have a nearly new QS1R that I am willing to sell. I literally have used it only maybe 10 times. I just do not seem to get around to doing panadapter stuff as I thought I would. It works great and is near perfect condition (nothing is perfect they say but I think this comes as close as you can get). if you are still interested, let me know.

      Jim NG1Y

  2. David Kent

    I owned and used an early version of the QS1R and appreciated it’s many qualities, but as hobbies go my interest flagged and I sold my radio gear. Recently, I got involved again and I would purchase another SDR radio designed and built by you – at a lower cost -even better. Please use the information provided below to keep me informed.


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