ISS Slow Scan TV reception opportunities in April

ISS(Source: Southgate ARC)

ISS Slow Scan TV in April

ARISS reports that International Space Station (ISS) Slow Scan Television (SSTV) transmissions on 145.800 MHz FM may take place between April 11-15, 2016

The schedule for the ARISS commemorative event is currently:
• Setup and activation on April 11 about 18:25 UT.
• Paused April 12 from 12:15 until 14:15 UT to allow for a school contact with Romania.
• Paused April 13 from 12:45 until 14:30 UT to allow for a school contact with Argentina.
• Deactivation on April 14 at 11:35 UT.

This opportunity should cover most of the world during the operational period. The image transmissions should be on 145.800 MHz and the mode is planned to be PD180.

In addition, MAI-75 (SSTV Experiment) will be conducting two sessions afterwards. The first one is April 14 from 14:45 until 18:00 UT.
The second session is on April 15 from 14:10 until 19:00 UT. These times do not cross N. America but will provide opportunities for Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and S. America.

Check the ARISS SSTV Blog for the latest updates

For information on how to receive SSTV from the ISS with sample audio from John Brier KG4AKV and a link to his popular hints page see

Information on the MAI-75 SSTV experiment

Click here to read this article on the Southgate ARC website.

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