SDR Touch now supports the SDRplay RSP in Beta release


(Source: SDRplay Blog)

Good news for Android users – SDR Touch have released a beta version of their software with SDRplay RSp functionality – go to to sign up as a beta tester.

SDR Touch works on most recent Android Phone or Tablet devices.

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3 thoughts on “SDR Touch now supports the SDRplay RSP in Beta release

  1. Edward

    It would be nice if they could offer the app on a thumbdrive so I could get a second hand android without cell service and use it as a dedicated instrument.

  2. Horacio Nigro

    For the first time, I connected an OTG cable to my Samsung S4, and it works fine with a USB pendrive. Now, I would like to know which SDRS dongle can work well for MW and SW and upper frequencies using this software and the phone. I know that there are many dongles, but which one would be the most convenient for this use. Thanks!, Horacio, CX3BZ

  3. Angus

    I signed up for the beta, but I can’t find the SDRPlay driver in the Google Play store. Perhaps it’s region locked?


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