Paul’s rare and classic shortwave QSL cards

QSL collage

A couple months ago at my local ham radio club meeting (the NCDXCC), my buddy Paul Greaves (W4FC) mentioned that his passion for amateur radio DXing originated with shortwave broadcaster DXing. He told me:

“When I was a teen I could hardly wait to check the PO Box to see what treasures were awaiting me. After getting a QSL card many times there were many more mailings with program schedules and propaganda. I even got Chairman Mao’s little Red Book.”

Paul noted that he had quite a few SWL QSL cards, so naturally I asked if he’d share a few of his favorites with the SWLing Post. He kindly obliged.

Click on the images below to enlarge.



GhanaBroadcastingCorpOpenFront-001 GhanaBroadcastingCorpFront-001GhanaBroadcastingCorpBack-001

Radio4VEHFront-001 Radio4VEHBack-001

RadioAustriaFront-001 RadioAustriaBack-001



RadioBucharestFront-001 RadioBucharestBack-001


RadioCairoFront-001 RadioCairoBack-001

RadioDenmarkFront-001 RadioDenmarkBack-001


RadioKievFront-001 RadioKievBack-001

RadioNacionalDeEspanaFront-001 RadioNacionalDeEspanaBack-001

RadioSofiaFront-001 RadioSofiaBack-001

RadioSwedenFront-001 RadioSwedenBack-001

RadioTiranaFront-001 RadioTiranaBack-001

RadioVoiceOfTheGospelFront-001 RadioVoiceOfTheGospelBack-001

USStationBalboaFront-001 USStationBalboaBack-001

VaticanRadioFront-001 VaticanRadioBack-001

VoiceOfNigeriaFront-001 VoiceOfNigeriaBack-001

WWVHFront-001 WWVHBack-001

Wow–thank you so much for sharing these, Paul! What a beautiful QSL collection!

Post readers: If you also have some classic SWL QSL cards you’d like to share here on the SWLing Post, please contact me!

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10 thoughts on “Paul’s rare and classic shortwave QSL cards

    1. Thomas Post author

      I’m sure Dan Robinson could give you a great answer as he’s the owner of a number of rare cards. I can say that rare cards were often issued in very low numbers.


  1. Ishan Kundu

    Dear Paul Sir – please make a archive gallery so that we can see more gems you have with you !

  2. Kris G8AUU, SO6AUU/9

    This item may/should cause me to go ferreting through some boxes at the back of the loft. I’d say about half of those I have or had somewhere in the past. About the same dates and earlier.

  3. MichaelxB

    Wow, what a great collection. I really love the older QSL cards, they had such a different look to them compared to the modern ones. But sadly all these cards were long before my time! Anyway, I still love to collect QSL cards from broadcasters nowadays. Right now I have a collection of 21 cards, all from broadcast/utility stations. I plan to keep adding more to my collection!

    (Also, if a QSL card section was to be added to the archive I would be more than happy to share some of mine!)

    Best regards!

    1. Gene Quigley

      Hi. After I send a Reception Report to a station like Radio Ukraine Intl, for the return postage on the QSL, what do you recommend??



  4. Marty

    What a collection! Thank you for sharing these treasures with us. I wonder if it would be worthwhile having a QSL archive to go along with the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive?

    1. Thomas Post author

      Actually, Marty, I’ve been thinking about setting up a section of the archive dedicated to QSL Cards. I’m certainly happy to set that up!


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