Will notes: first moderately priced TV manufactured in quantity


(AP Photo/Ed Ford)

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Will Jones, who writes:
This television set [above], retailing for $100, is reportedly the first moderately priced receiver manufactured in quantity. Rose Clare Leonard watches the screen, which reproduces a 5×7 image, as she tunes in at the first public post-war showing at a New York department store, on August 24, 1945.
Although television was invented prior to World War II, the war prevented mass production. Soon after the war, sales and production picked up, and by 1948, regular commercial network programming had begun.
Thank you for that bit of history, Will!
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8 thoughts on “Will notes: first moderately priced TV manufactured in quantity

  1. Paul Lindemeyer

    In 1938, American Television Corp. of NYC began advertising TV attachments for your radio, priced at $125. NBC was the only station on the air in NYC at the time. Because parent company RCA wanted to be first to market with sets, NBC shut the station down for a few months and waited for the upstart to go away.

      1. Thomas Post author

        Not sure what you typed for that emoji, but I think WP automatically changes a “:” and “)” combo into a smiley face. Beyond that, I don’t know the other ones.


  2. Edward

    TVs in those days had nice woodwork and cabinets.(and radios too!). They were considered Furniture, not Electronics.


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