Voice of Justice broadcasts to North America?


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Richard Langley, who comments:

It seems that the VOIRI “Voice of Justice” broadcast to North America may have been axed.

[I] did a quick search on that phrase in the [Shortwave Radio Audio Archive] but came up empty.

Might be nice if someone with a personal band archive could extract an example of that program and put in on the SRAA.

Can anyone confirm this for Richard? A VOIRI recording would make a nice addition to the archive, where we’re attempting to collect samples of as many shortwave broadcasters as possible.

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6 thoughts on “Voice of Justice broadcasts to North America?

  1. Rafman

    From IRIB Voice of Justice:
    Warm greetings from IRIB English Radio Broadcast
    IRIB English radio has recently planned to broadcast its programs via Internet and satellite and based on this plan, the shortwave broadcast of our radio will be unfortunately discontinued.
    As a radio hobbyist and an audience of IRIB English Radio based in Tehran, Iran, what do you think about this idea?
    Do you think we should take this measure and act as we have planned or you still prefer to follow our programs via shortwave radio?
    Please let us know and help us to make the best decision.
    Web site: http://english.irib.ir
    E-mail: [email protected]

  2. Concerned

    I used to listen to their English language program. I found it was very interesting on the propaganda slant they took in some of their articles. Sort of gave me an idea into their take of the world around them. Unfortunately, I never taped any of the programs.

    This year seems to be a turning point in SW broadcasts as we are losing more programs/stations so far then in the past few years. The trend continues to go to the Internet. It does make sense as far as BCing to North America in that it seems that only a small (several hundred?) group of individuals are involved in the hobby of DXing or listening to SWBCS.

    1. Kire

      Well at least I`m part of the few. World Shortwave is interesting to me. I dont listen much to Am/Fm because it is all the same. Shortwave connects me to the world, while the internet is so sterile in comparison. I guess i`ll end up listening to static, chirps, and the time signal station, in the end…

      1. Ed McCorry (KI4QDE)

        I totally agree. But look at it this way, if it comes to listening to the chirps, time signals and such and you hear a real broadcast station, what a great catch that would be!


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