The Shortwave Daddy SDR on 73 Radio Row


It’s not often I find a shortwave radio I’ve never heard about–so you can imagine my surprise when I looked at 73 Radio Row this morning and found the Shortwave Daddy software defined radio for $159.00.


How did I miss hearing about a radio called the Shortwave Daddy when it was on the market a few years ago?


Here’s the description lifted from 73 Radio Row:

The Tablerock Shortwave Daddy software-defined receiver connects to your computer to open up the exciting world of AM-FM-Shortwave radio. It is powered solely by your computer’s USB port via a connecting cable, which is provided. Your computer provides the audio. Except for the antenna, no external connections are required. Simply plug and play. Fully tested. The Shortwave Daddy is no longer produced. It originally cost $289.99.

For details, we strongly encourage you to read the Shortwave Daddy’s manual by clicking here.

The radio covers:
Worldwide AM Band 520kHz – 1710kHz
Shortwave Bands 2.3MHz – 26.1 MHz
Worldwide FM Band 64MHz – 108 MHz

For computer compatibility specifications, click here.


If I didn’t have so many radios on my review table right now, I’d buy this just to review it on the SWLing Post.

Post Readers: Anyone own a Shortwave Daddy receiver? If so, please comment!

Click here to view the Shortwave Daddy on 73 Radio Row.

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1 thought on “The Shortwave Daddy SDR on 73 Radio Row

  1. Guy Atkins

    Hi Thomas, the Shortwave Daddy SDR appears to simply be a kit designed around the idea of the SiLabs 47xx-EVB evaluation board. I remember when the SiLabs chips were first introduced, the evaluation boards were purchased by some technically-minded radio hobbyists for experimentation.

    Notice in the Shortwave Daddy’s PDF manual that features and filter bandwidths are just the same as with Tecsun and other portable radios that are based on the SiLabs Si47xx family of ICs.

    I think your money would be better spent on another Tecsun PL-880; it’s self-contained and portable, and you’ll get a case thrown in for free :^)


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