USAF wants to release ionized gas in the upper atmosphere to improve HF


(Source: Southgate ARC)

New Scientist magazine reports the US Air Force is working on plans to improve HF radio propagation by releasing ionised gas in the upper atmosphere using a fleet of micro satellites

As well as increasing the range of radio signals, the USAF says it wants to smooth out the effects of solar winds, which can knock out GPS, and also investigate the possibility of blocking communication from enemy satellites.

The story says there are at least two major challenges. One is building a plasma generator small enough to fit on a CubeSat – roughly 10 centimetres cubed. Then there’s the problem of controlling exactly how the plasma will disperse once it is released.

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6 thoughts on “USAF wants to release ionized gas in the upper atmosphere to improve HF

  1. Henry Michalenka

    reminds me of the barion ion cloud experiments of the late 60’s and early 70’s…

    I do believe, however, as the professional cynic, the research will be to determine if all shortwave frequencies can be squelched, since the military uses direct satellite communications.

  2. Edward

    I remember years ago the idea of seeding clouds to make rain. This makes me wonder if this is another taxpayer funded boondoggle.

  3. Kire

    If this opens up my reception I guess i’m all for it. but this would fuel the arguements of the chemtrail and climate manipulation folks.


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