Ecos del Torbes special broadcast August 12 & 15

special program Ecos

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Rafael Rodríguez R., who writes with the following announcement from Bogotá, Colombia:

[I would like to announce a] DX program, celebrating “International Day” from Ecos del Torbes (emblematic Venezuelan station) and also the 40th anniversary Club Diexistas de la Amistad and their program América en Antena (celebrating 26th anniversary).

This will be a 30 min. program with reviews about the club, program and station, and historical audio from Ecos del Torbes.

This special program will be verified with a e-QSL

Note that Rafael sent this announcement in July while I was traveling and I missed posting before the August 8 broadcast date. Thankfully, we still have the August 12 and 15 broadcasts! Thanks again for the announcement, Rafael!


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5 thoughts on “Ecos del Torbes special broadcast August 12 & 15

  1. Richard Langley

    As I posted on the DXLD Yahoo group, there was no day mix-up for the scheduled 21:00 UTC broadcast on 15770 kHz yesterday (12 August), but there was a time mix-up instead! The broadcast started at 21:30 UTC rather than 21:00 UTC. Excellent reception here in New Brunswick as it should be as the 44° beam directed at Europe is also directed at New Brunswick.

    Will archive the recording later.

    Also recorded the 00:00 broadcast on 7730 kHz but reception was not quite as good. The antenna beam for that frequency is 285°, favouring central and western North America.

    I fondly recall listening to Ecos del Torbes on 4980 kHz in the 80’s and 90’s. Always had a strong signal into New Brunswick. Back then UNB had a strong research connection with Venezuela as we were using GPS among other techniques to monitor subsidence due to oil extraction in and around Lake Maracaibo. We had several Venezuelan grad students and they enjoyed listening to Ecos del Torbes when we had student nights at our house. Back then, there was no Internet streaming of radio stations so it was shortwave or nothing.

    When did Ecos del Torbes quit shortwave?

    1. Rob Wagner

      Hi Richard!

      I have an answer to your question!!! According to the Danish SW club, in their Domestic Band Survey of 2003, the last time Ecos del Torbes was monitored was in October 2002. I can’t give you an exact date, so that’s the best I can do!

      73, Rob Wagner VK3BVW

  2. Richard Langley

    As I posted on Glenn Hauser’s DXLD Yahoo group yesterday, The program did not go out on 7730 kHz last night (i.e. 10 August at 00:00 UTC). There was music filler instead. According to a message from Jeff White posted on the Venezuelan group’s FaceBook page, it went out at this time on the previous day due to a mix-up in the requested UTC day. And the 21:00 UTC broadcast on 9 August didn’t go out due to a WRMI transmitter problem. But, as Thomas points out, there are three more chances to hear the program:


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