Finding a Sony ICF-SW7600GR online


Though I have a lot of shortwave portables, the Sony ICF-SW7600GR is still one of my favorites. Why? Despite its ergonomic shortcomings, it’s a solid performer with a robust sync detector and stable AGC. Check out how it compared with other benchmark portables in our Mega Review.

I understand that Sony no longer manufactures the ‘7600GR–perhaps this is why the price of new units has increased in recent months. Still, I occasionally stumble upon reasonable deals online. Once new stock is depleted, though, I forecast prices will increase accordingly.

Here’s where I’ve found reasonable deals on new units:



Though eBay claims the trending price is close to $180, there are a few sellers who have new units with a BuyItNow price of $140-145, shipping included.

Click here to search eBay.

I would even feel pretty confident purchasing a used ‘7600GR from an eBay seller with good ratings. Be careful, though: some used units might have problems with the telescopic whip antenna or corrosion in the battery compartment (for example). Make sure you read the item description carefully prior to bidding/purchasing.


Though less frequently than in the past, occasionally acquires new, used and open box ‘7600GRs.

Indeed, at time of posting, they actually have one in stock (!!!)--the first I’ve seen in a few months.

I buy from Blinq with confidence because their return policy is so flexible. Blinq pays return shipping and takes the product back with no questions asked, should you find a problem or if it’s not as described.

Helpful hint: If you’ve never visited, or if you open their website in a private/incognito window, Blinq will typically pop up a window offering 10% off for new shoppers as long as you subscribe to their newsletter. You then receive a coupon code via email you can use with the first order.

Click here to search for the Sony ICF-SW7600GR.


At time of posting, Amazon does have a few sellers offering new and used ‘7600GRs.

Click here to search Amazon.

Keep in mind, though, that these are being sold by third parties, not directly by Amazon. Sometimes additional shipping charges apply and sometimes the return policy may not be as forgiving as Amazon’s own. Still: there are a number of new units available.

Universal Radio


While Universal Radio no longer stocks new Sony ICF-SW7600GRs, they do occasionally receive used ones on trade. This is how I purchased my ‘7600GR many years ago: from Universal’s used stock. You can buy from them with confidence because Universal even gives a warranty on most of their used items.

Click here to check Universal Radio’s used radio index.

Know of any other reliable online sources for the ICF-SW7600GR?  Please comment!

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11 thoughts on “Finding a Sony ICF-SW7600GR online

  1. Sunny

    I have the Sony ICF-SW7600GR, the SSB is great with the SSB fine tune on the side. I tested again the Sony ICF-2001D/2010 and the Tecsun PL-680 , it did better job than the two.

  2. Jerry V.Di Trolio

    It’s Been While,I Wish Sony Would Reconsider Getting Back In The Shortwave Table Top,And Portable Shortwave Market,Sony Always Manufacture A Very Fine/ Procession Portable Shortwave Radio.Ok,This “KHW-6006”,CB,Handel,”Uncle Sam,Signing We Be On The Side.

  3. nickcarr

    While I agree it’s a nice radio, it has quite a few shortcomings. Frankly, it doesn’t compare to the Tecsun PL880. If you’re just monitoring AM BCB then it’s a fine radio but if you plan to do any SSB monitoring then I’d recommend the PL-880 any day of the week.

    I have a Sony 7600GR that I’d be willing to sell used. It’s like-new and I still have the box. I have the leather case and I’m pretty sure I have the external, clip-on antenna. Contact me at my Yahoo email (nickcarr3151) and I can send pictures, etc.

  4. KenL

    Thanks a lot Thomas. When I heard a while back that the sw7600gr was no longer going to be produced I considered getting one before it was to late, but I thought I had enough radios already ( is that possible? ) and let it slide. Your post got me looking again, and now one is on it’s way to me, thanks again LOL

    1. Thomas Post author

      I like the 7600 enough, Ken, that I’d feel a little funny about not having a spare. 🙂 It’s still my go-to field-recording portable because it has a dedicated line out and overall good performance.

  5. Mario

    Nice article, Thomas. Your advice to check Universal Radio’s used list is good, the list changes almost daily, and I am always looking at what they have for sale. Also useful is their selection of pictures of used radios that have been sold, there’s lots of useful information such as specifications, options that came with the radio, accessories, and lots of pictures. It’s just like a on-line radio museum. Universal is one of my favorite sites to check periodically.

    1. Thomas Post author

      You’re right, Mario. Universal Radio’s site is an amazing resource. What’s great about it is that it’s been built over time in a very consistent manner. Google and other search engines seem to reward this, too–I can’t telly you how many times I’ve searched for a radio model number and Universal Radio is the first result.

      1. Cap

        I also use universal as a resource to look up specs and options for radios, so much so I add ‘universal’ after the radio I am looking for so I find universals site first.


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