Nicholas uses Android phone and $18 receiver to decode VOA Radiogram


Many thanks to Nicholas Pospishil, who shares this photo and notes:

“VOA Radiogram on 5745 kHz. No fancy equipment needed.”

No kidding! Mobile phones and tablets now have more than enough horsepower to decode most VOA Radiograms.

Nicholas uses the free AndFlmsg app for Android to decode. Note that AndFlmsg is not available in the Google Play store, you must manually install it using these directions.

The Kaito WRX911 is an $18 US receiver and AndFlmsg is free. That’s a pretty inexpensive and accessible combo!

Nicholas originally posted this image on Gary J. Cohen’s Shortwave Listeners Global.

Thanks for sharing, Nicholas!

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5 thoughts on “Nicholas uses Android phone and $18 receiver to decode VOA Radiogram

  1. Cap

    I love this and think more people should ditch their big radios/antennas and go out with a portable radio and smartphone and give decoding the VOA Radiogram et al. a go.
    I have been saying for a while that broadcasters signature tunes should include transmitting MFSK32 between their station ident.
    Shortwave broadcasters need to get with it and move into the 21st century as no forward thinking will keep them firmly stuck in the past.
    Digimodes modulated on AM allows broadcasters to add an audio file to their playout broadcast system without having to make any technical changes to their broadcast systems and allows utilisation of the vast array of smartphones out there….it’s a no brainer.

  2. gv

    does anyone have experience what is best between tecsun R911 and tecsun R9012 (in terms of sensitivity and selectivity)??

  3. Marty

    Cool post! I hadn’t thought about doing this with a mobile app. I often miss the radiogram on weekends due to family activities. This just might be the solution. I would be interested to know if the Android app also decodes the pictures that are sent. I’ll have to do some research on the capabilities of this app.

    I really enjoy the VOA Radiogram each week. If you haven’t taken advantage of this programming please give it a try. There is always a lot of talk about how interesting things to listen to on SW are dwindling. A program like this may change your mind.


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